16 April 2009


We have just returned from a very pleasant Easter break in our little maison.

It's interesting to see how things have changed around us in the short time since we have owned it. Some changes we like, some we don't and some we're just not sure about.
This building is situated in the main street and has featured in lots of the promotional images for the village.

Now it looks like this.

Apparently the Conseil General needed an office in the region and this is now it. Pity.

The chateau is having major modernisation works and will be reopened later this year.

Now this part of it looks like this.

Not too bad, you might think, but it gets worse.

Now that the merits of this design have been explained to me
perhaps we will learn to love it anyway.

We are however, very happy with the change from this:

To this.


  1. Re the extension to the museum: How could they do it? Well, because they haven't fallen into The Trap. Instead of making something faux medieval, they've made something modern, that speaks of it's own time. They've made a building fit for the use it will be put to, out of beautiful high quality materials, and using skilled artisans and designers. They've made a good job of the interface between the two as well, always the most difficult bit.

  2. Hi Susan, welcome to my blog.
    You didn't actually say if you like the new extension. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we were so astonished and thought it so out of place that we overlooked the quality of the workmanship, which is obviously very high. No doubt we will learn to love it anyway. I take your point about not imitating the original architecture - that would have looked really naff, I guess.

  3. I haven't seen the finished building, but so far as I can judge from your photos it seems to have come up pretty well. We saw it at several stages in progress, and noted how good the stonework was. So long as the detailing is as good, it should be a fine building. The glare of the newly cut stone will mellow in a few years, and is the same local stone as much of the old part. It's a big barn of a building from some angles, but the rest of the complex contains some pretty oversized old buildings. If they'd gone for something smaller it might have just looked mean and timid and completely out of scale and character for the site.