7 April 2009


This post deviates from my ongoing story
and falls under the heading of "other stuff".

We recently spent an evening with our good friends, Pete and Cyn. They were very influential in our decision to buy a house in France. They have a house in Cassagne near Perpignan and will soon be spending a few weeks there to do some more work on it and chill out too.
Pete and Cyn with Nick in their new kitchen.

On this evening they looked especially well and relaxed, Pete having finally retired and Cyn in the process of winding down her business. Cyn also looked very glamorous - we don't get to see her legs too often but on this occasion she was wearing a dress. We also got to see for the first time their beautiful new kitchen.

They always entertain extremely well and it's interesting for us because they are vegetarians.

For starters we had deep fried avocado in some special batter with salad and a dip, which was delicious.

For the main course we had a wonderful tart that Peter had made all by himself, based on one they had eaten in a fancy restaurant in London recently. It was basically a 'tart a l'oignon' with slices of goats cheese added. Lovely. We ate all of it.

Finishing the tart before it was baked in the oven.

A man proud of his tart !!

Cynthia doesn't usually do puddings but this time, in recognition of my reputation as a serious pudding lover, she did - two of them. A steamed treacle and orange pudding and a fruit crumble. They were delicious too. We didn't manage to eat all of them but did bring some away with us to eat up at the weekend.


  1. Very nicely written and presented blog - thanks
    I have never had my picture take before passionately gripping a tart but there I am on the WWW.
    Really good evening - thanks

  2. Hi Jean, Cyn here! Thank you for your lovely comments re our evening together. As usual, we really enjoyed your company and it was fascinating to see how you applied your new-found 'David Bailey' skills to your new, pink, camera. The pictures are really impressive - what a talented biker gal!

    To give you more info re the meal: the avocado starter was dipped in 'tempura' batter which is used mostly in asian cooking. We experienced this starter in 'Smiths of Smithfield'; Smithfields Market in London. If anyone watches Masterchef they will recognise the name of 'John Torode', who is one of the presenters along with Greg Wallace. John Torode set up Smiths and we can highly recommend it; especially for meat eaters. The pudding was actually lemon and syrup. Thank you for your kind comments Jean, but it was a little bit unforgiving on the old spoon. A sharp steak knife may have been a better implement to cut through it! It was a great evening, thanks again. Love Cyn and Peter XX

  3. Sorry Cyn, I did mean lemon - got confused 'cos it was served on an orange plate. It was lovey anyway. There's nothing like a proper suet pudding to finish a meal !! J xx