28 April 2009


More "other stuff"

On Sunday I went to the bead fair at Newark. Jewellery making is my current favourite hobby and seeking out nice beads is a joy. I splashed out on lots of yummy beads to satisfy my cravings and keep me busy for quite a while.

Some shell, coral, turquoise and dyed jade beads

Fossil beads, rose quartz, lemonstone, agate and more shell beads.

Hemetite, lapis lazuli, cherry quartz, more shell and some lovely Swarovski crystals.

When I got back, I made quiche for dinner. There's something satisfying about making quiche. No two are ever the same. This one had some reblochon cheese on top. Scrummy.

One of many ways to use Reblochon cheese

Nick had a nice day too. He went fishing and apparently caught two trout. We don't, however, have any evidence of that !


  1. Looking forward to purchasing more from the 'Lacey Collection'!