3 May 2009


Our mood had definitely changed after we left Pete & Cyn's place in Cassagnes. We had a long and incredibly windy ride north and spent a night at Souillac. We had a lot to think about over dinner that evening. Talk was now more along the lines of "when we...." rather than "if we ever...".

A church at Souillac

From there we went to our favourite place, Chinon, not with the intention of looking for a house but with getting the feel of the place again, making sure before we took the plunge.

I wonder how many people notice this little chap - we could see him from our apartment window.

We enquired about a gite but none were available for only half a week so we lashed out on a very comfortable apartment overlooking the main square. The weather was unusually hot for June and sleeping was difficult. We bought a fan which helped but droned on all night long. (We then had to bungy it onto one of the bikes to bring it home - waste not, want not - although we have never used it since.)


In August we returned for our third holiday in France. This time we went with our friends Jane and Darren from Sherwood Chapter. We had hired a gite at a small village called Seuilly just south of Chinon. The gite was lovely, a tastefully restored house with a great view over the valley. In common with so many of the "Gites Rureaux" it was nigh-on impossible to find. In the end the owner found us. A neighbour had noticed 4 lost Harleys crawling all over the village and asked her if they were anything to do with her. No doubt we were making so much racket we were not difficult to find.

Sherwood Chapter at Azay le Rideau.

We had a fun week taking Jane and Darren to many of our favourite haunts. We also went to the "Son et lumiere" at Azay le Rideau. It was ....... fascinating. Quite bizarre as a form of entertainment. Nick & I had been meaning to do it for years and we all loved it.

Sherwood Chapter at Fontevraud Abbey

All the week we were so excited. Soon, we would be looking seriously for a little house of our own. We decided it would be in October - we would come back in the car and begin our search.

Montsoreau village seen from the chateau

Fontevraud Abbey

October seemed like an awfully long time to wait. I was also concerned that it might be long enough for Nick to have second thoughts.

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