4 May 2009


The bridge at Chinon, October 2006.
Chinon has no traffic lights.

By the time we went back to the Loire in October 2006, Nick had thought of several good reasons why buying a little house there (or anywhere else) was not a good idea. The trouble was, I had to agree with him. It was definitely not a sensible thing to do.

We had booked a week in the Avoine gite that we had used twice before. The weather was mixed but we had a nice week and spent a lot of it driving round, village spotting. We had noticed that properties were often advertised as "near such a place". We therefore decided to mark on the map the villages that we liked and those we didn't so that when (if) the time came, we could immediately say if we were interested or not in a particular village. We had a number of criteria, mainly that our house should be in or within a short walk of a village centre, which should have important facilities such as a boulangerie, bar, post office and so on.
We had never heard of or been to Le Grand Pressigny.

An meeting of old Citroens at Chinon.

The church at La Roche-Clermault

The statue of Rabelais, the wayward monk, at Chinon.
(Not many people know that he invented toilet paper.)

Nick once told some friends of ours that when he was sitting in the Register Office at our wedding, waiting for the proceedings to begin, he suddenly realised the seriousness of his situation and considered making a run for it. The only thing stopping him was several of my larger relatives between him and the door.

As we stumbled falteringly towards our destiny, I could sense him once again, thinking of making a run for it. Fortunately he decided to stick with our plan and in the next blog.........

We did it.

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