2 June 2009


Our dog Lulu enjoying her first holiday in France.

"Apéro-dînatoire" is exactly what the title should say and with the help of fellow-bloggers I have been able to amend the heading accordingly. It is a bit fiddly but "ça marche". Thanks to Susan and Ladybird.

Well, we have got back from our hols in Le Grand Pressigny and it would appear that we hosted one of these without really knowing it.

We met some friends at the PreHisto bar one evening and then invited them to walk up the hill to our little maison to continue the congeniality in the sunshine on our terrace. There was Alex, Nicole, Isabella and Amelie of "Chez Ania", also Simon and Susan of "Days on the Claise".

A favourite view in Le Grand Pressigny - it looks different every time we see it.

We had a couple of bottles of the local bubbly chilling nicely in our desperately small and inadequate fridge. I had also laid in a supply of saucisson for slicing thinly and some lovely "pate au asperges" from the local butcher. Also a block of "pate en croute" - a sort of long square-shaped pork pie which can also be sliced thinnishly and served as nibbles. Nicole had brought along a plate of home-made mini pizza-bite thingies so we were all set up for our evening of drinks and nibbles. (Must also mention here the packet of the French equivalent of cheese footballs that we got for the enfants but turned out to be Alex's absolute favourite. Definitely the way to that man's heart.)

Another favourite view of the village

After a while and we were all tucking in, the plate having been replenished a time or two, Nicole informed us all that we were having one of these "Apéro-dînatoire" things that none of us had ever heard of before. Having since looked it up on the web, all sorts of people have them all the time and they are quite fashionable to do. Not only that, there are zillions or recipes for nibbly things you can serve at one of these.

Apparently they start out as an invitation for an "apero" but everyone stays much longer and eats a sort of buffet.

Well, there you go. Not only am I at last in the 21st century (having my own blog, no less) but I am now hosting very fashionable social events. In France. By accident.

Notice to all future guests :
I don't do clever nibbles. It will only ever be saucisson, pate and the French equivalent of little pork pies and occasionally cheese footballs.

(Apologies to blog purists who will have expected to see pictures of the food and the guests - I'm not that well organised yet. I never know what I'm going to put in a blog until after everyone's gone home!)


  1. Hi Jean, Try to shift your keyboard into 'french' (right mouse click on the little round button in the bottom right corner of your screen). The 'é' and 'è' are hidden under the '2' and '7' on the top of your keyboard. Don't forget to shift into ENG mode again before you continue typing in English. Mind you, it's just a tip and I've never tried it myself, but it has to do with the AZERTY or QUERTY configuration of your keybord. Good luck! And please don't hold it against me if it doesn't work.

  2. Go to programmes in your start menu, then Accessories, and click on Character Map. This will give you all the extra letters with accents. You can either copy them from here or, as I do, learn the Alt number combos for each of them eg é is typed by holding down Alt and typing 0233 on your NumPad on the right of the keyboard. These combos are shown at bottom right of the Character Map when you select a letter.

  3. Oh, I think you'll move into more elaborate nibbles as time goes by... Just a prediction! :)

  4. Walt, you could be right. A second look at some of those recipes and .......perhaps when we have more than just a week or two in France.

  5. Sue - I have deleted your comment as it appeared in a very strange unreadable font.