10 July 2009


The château at Le Grand Pressigny, May 2009


  1. Doesn't everything look so much more inviting when the sky's blue and the sun's shining?

  2. And look how nicely the new building reflects the angles of the old...:-))

  3. GG - sunshine makes all the difference. Human beings must be programmed to hate grey rainy days.

    Susan - I think I almost get it now. It doesn't all seem to be done in the same stone though.

  4. Hmmm...The angles on the main extension look wrong. Look at the roof lines (and for that matter the angles on the end corner which you can't see in this photo). Its as if its deliberately out of keeping with the old structure and form of the place.

    The blockwork and concrete windows don't help not to mention the over emphasised gutter spouts and the shed on the roof (which you can't see in this photo).

    That said the general shape of some of the windows is sympathetic, and the room this side of the tower fits very well. However the main extension may be modern school and reflect the preformed utilitarian style of the late 20th century but I've yet to meet anyone not in the "trade" who likes it.