26 July 2009


Yesterday we went to the wedding of Emily and Paul. Emily is the eldest daughter of our friends Pat and Andy. The wedding was at Bolsover Castle and we had a wonderful day.

We arrived just as the lovely old wedding car appeared.

Derbyshire is rich in castles, stately homes, country houses, archeological sites and industrial history. As I have lived here for most of my life I tend to take it all for granted, having visited most places once or twice in my lifetime. But things change. Bolsover was a scruffy mining town when I was a girl and, castle or not, I was not encouraged to go there. English Heritage have made a fabulous job of recently refurbishing the castle and it is now a great place to visit. There is lots to see and an excellent cafe too. It's hard to believe it's virtually on my doorstep and I see it from a distance most days.

The wedding ceremony was in the Star Chamber in the Little Castle.

Afterwards there was a champagne reception in the castle garden.

Whilst people were chatting, drinking, mingling and generally enjoying themselves, I was able to wander round the castle taking photos with the incredible luxury of having no other visitors around. The wedding party had the whole castle and grounds all to themselves.

From all around the castle there a lovely glimpses of the Derbyshire countryside.

The views can be quite breathtaking, even though this is mining country, not the prettier Peak District.

Inside, the castle has been restored beautifully by English Heritage.

In many rooms there are fabulous fireplaces.

Emily and Paul were extremely lucky with the weather. It has been very showery every day for the last week but for their wedding they had a blue skies and a good deal of sunshine.

At 6pm we all went into the Old Stables for a lovely meal and of course the speeches, the cutting of the (absolutley delicious) wedding cake and afterwards a spot of dancing to a very good jazz quartet.

We had a great time. It was a magical day.

We wish Emily and Paul every happiness in their life together.

Pat's brother Ray has an excellent website Derbyshire Heritage where lots of information can be found about this lovely county.


  1. It really was a wonderful day. The best wedding I've been to except one...ours!

  2. What a beautiful castle and setting. Coming back from France, we got a glimpse of Paris then it became really cloudy but as soon as we were over England, the weather was beautiful.
    Even from the air, it is a gorgeous place.

  3. Nadege, Derbyshire is a beautiful county. The countryside is a mixture of very rugged as well as picture-postcard pretty. There are also ugly industrial parts. I had thought about doing a separate blog about it but I'm not sure I have the time! One day maybe.

  4. Talk about the wow factor! Wish them every happiness and thanks for sharing the terrific images.

    Mad x

  5. I see you've had French apple tart for dessert. Would that be Tarte Tatin? Martine

  6. Mad, looking back, I suppose it was pretty wow. At the time it just seemed lovely.

    Martine, it was more like Normandy apple tart. Delicious.