25 July 2009


The flowers that Nicole had left to welcome us to our little maison

The château at Le Louroux

The château at Montreuil-Bellay

Flowers on the bridge over the river at Loches


  1. How nice of Nicole to make you feel welcome by putting out some flowers. Question? I don't know the château at Le Louroux. Is it north or south of LGP and is it worth a visit? Martine

  2. Hi Martine, Le Louroux is a pretty little village with a lake as well as the château, north of LeGP just beyond Ligueil. There will be more about it in a post very soon. I have been busy getting Nick washed, ironed and on the aeroplane to Hong Kong for a business trip this last few days so the blog has been slightly neglected. Hope to remedy that very soon. Jean.