30 July 2009


The Petit Train in Loches

There are those who love this kind of thing and those who think they're really naff. I love 'em.

It might have something to do with having spent a large chunk of my childhood in a motorcycle sidecar and another large chunk in steam train carriages, miniature and full-sized. I like seeing the world from a box bumping along the road.

Many French towns have their Petit Train trundling around the old streets, dispensing commentary in various languages to the tourists on board. True, it's annoying when you have to keep leaping out of their way as they come around the corner in a far too narrow street. Or if you have to eat your lunch in front of an audience if one stops by your table on the pavement.

But, we think they're fun. A good way to get the basic information about any town in a short space of time and to see where to go back for a second look later. We've ridden loads of them; in Chinon, Nice, La Rochelle, Vannes, Avingon and many others. Maybe we'll do the Loches one this summer.


  1. Hi Jean: Did you do the one in Amboise? Martine

  2. Martine - not yet, it's on the list !! I hear you're in France in early September. We leave on 31st August. Pity, we could have shared a bottle of something cool and fizzy and a few memories of the Loire. Jean x

  3. Sue - I have deleted your comment as it was illegible.