17 July 2009


When I haven't the time to make my own bread - only using a breadmaking machine, but nevertheless it requires a bit of organisation - our favourite bread is a "sunflower and pumpkin seed" loaf made by Morrisons. It's very tasty, a nice texture and a sensible price, too.

I work in what my mum would describe as a "rum area". I went to the nearby Morrisons on Tuesday for one of these loaves only to find the shelf bare. As I was weighing up the alternatives a voice behind me said, in very local dialect and vocabulary "tha's no f...kin sunflower bread left. Wot can I 'ave for me f...kin tea now." I turned to see the individual concerned and found a very large and fearsome looking bloke with an equally scary female in tow. I had to stifle a chuckle in order to avoid the risk of a punch on the nose and left the store with a random loaf grabbed in a hurry.
Did I miss something? Is the standard white sliced losing in the popularity stakes? Did that weird 'doctor' Gillian Whatsit on the telly finally convince the masses that brown bread, especially with bits in, is better for us?

I am looking forward to our girlie weekend in the Loire starting tomorrow and ending Tuesday. Our blokes are threatening a night on the town on Saturday, which actually means a beer and a curry in the little Derbyshire (ex)mining town where we live. They are making jokes about talent spotting. I told them to be careful as most talent will think they've come to collect the grandkids!

I wonder which of us will have the most fun, the girls or the boys. Us girls are really looking forward to another look at the fields of sunflowers surrounding Le Grand Pressigny.


  1. I love sun flowers, they look so friendly.

    We had one in the garden last year, courtesy of the birds, which we were really fond of.

    We called her "the Brazen Hussy" and adored her. She grew about 6 foot tall too, obviously a big, strapping lass.


  2. Your girls weekend sounds fun. I wish I could come too!

  3. Suburbia, welcome. We had a lovely time and were quite well-behaved!!

  4. I was totally convinced that I was following you but, clearly, having one of those deranged menopausal moments when I think I've done something, get distracted and then it's gone again.

    The photographs are lovely. Your blog would be a joy to read just for the images alone.

    Loved the story about the sunflower & pumpkin bread. We have a Morrisons in Brecon. If I can't be bothered to play with the breadmaker, the Morrisons' sunflower and pumpkin is the best.

    If you want to have a la-di-dah moment you have to drive 30 miles to the nearest Waitrose. If you want a really interesting culinary experience, you drive to a f***in enormous Tesco (in one of those interesting areas) where there's a load of stuff under F for foreign.

    All the snooty types wouldn't dream of going in there but if you want felafel (choice of 3 types), halva (many sorts), crunchy fishy bits to put on your oriental food or West Indian hot pepper sauce, then it's the place to be.

    I love it for the wind-up mileage alone. "Where DID you get this? No, NO. Not that Tesco". Tee hee.

    Mad x

  5. Hi Mad, thanx for the compliments about the blog (makes it all worthwile). I know what you mean about the menopausal moments. OMG do I know about that !!!! All I can say is there's no wonder women of our age murder people. AND teenagers have NO IDEA how to wind people up. They just play at it - you have to be over 50 to know how to do it best.!! And oh for the serentiy of Waitrose !! (However, I can recommend turning up on a Harley - that really pins their ears back somewhat.) Our nearest branch is 40 miles away but I just have to make that pilgrimage every so often. X

  6. Your blog looks very interesting. I will have to check it out later. My son and I came back from the Southwest of France 2 days ago so it will take me a while to read old (and new) blogs from my favorite peeps. Here is the address for the gentleman who takes pictures of doors and fountains. He is on vacation right now.http://bouchaudandre.unblog.fr/

  7. Nadege, thanks for the link.