4 August 2009



When we arrived at our little cottage for the weekend, there were TWO vases of flowers and some little plums to welcome us from Nicole.

The sun was shining but by evening it was drizzling.

Barrie had agreed to escort both of us to the social event of the year, the Guinguette et Bal, in the square behind the church that evening.
We had an apéro at the PreHisto where we bumped into Gail and Chris and all five of us went along to enjoy this uniquely French entertainment.
A meal, four courses with choice of andouillette or entrecôte for mains with plenty of wine from unlabelled bottles. This was followed by some very lively dancing to a very French live band. All taking place under canopies and umbrellas but a great start to our weekend.

We had spotted a few things we might do on Sunday but our resident tour guide, M. Barrie Fairhead, came up with a much better suggestion, the Foire à L'Ail, or garlic festival and Brocante, or secondhand market, at Le Louroux.
(Not an easy name to pronounce, I find.)

Some very tasty brocante was for sale here

Le Louroux is a pretty little village north of Le Grand Pressigny with a château and a lake with a circular walk around it. More about the village next time.

Anybody need a new alarm clock?

The brocante was superb. There were lots of interesting things for sale as well as the usual broken toys, chipped crockery, old jumpers and worn-out boots that normally abound at these events. There was the usual bar and food stall plus a sausage seller and, of course several garlic sellers. We had a great time hunting down the potential bargains.

The sausage man was there with a large variety of scary sausages

The bar was doing much brisker trade
(Notice the Bash Street Kid on right of photo !!)

The nut roasting machine was there

I bought bunch of garlic, of which there were several varieties to choose from and a bunch of shallots

I regret not buying this lovely old Godin poêle. The lid catch was broken and it needed cleaning up. For 30 euros it would have made a great chimnea or plant holder.

Next time perhaps.


  1. Did you manage to get some smoked garlic? It keeps very well and adds a lovely smokey flavour to your culinary preparations. Martine

  2. Martine- actually, no, I bought regular garlic. BUT here in Derbyshire we have an excellent smokery that does all sorts of foods including garlic and we have some we bought from there recently. It's at Bolsover, an old mining village. Hard to believe it now has one of the UK's finest fine foods establishments. (We are so lucky.)

  3. Jean I see (www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/dossiers/journal/index.php?dep=37&num=1332919&PHPSESSID=7c8d445e2d10065de72da1cea83bff26) that Le Grand Pressigny is a hot-bed of juvenile vandalism! I'd always imagined that this small towen was quiet apart from Brits riding high performance bikes through the centre!

  4. Jim - I am stunned. It seems that kids will be kids wherever you go. I hope the establishment deals with them appropriately. (Noisy bikes, us, dunnow wot you mean, duck.)

  5. Can't believe you didn't buy it, it's beautiful!

  6. Suburbia - I know, stupid of me. I was slightly put off by the difficulty of getting it to the car but that's no excuse really.

  7. Covet, covet. I absolutely covet that. I'd have made my passengers walk to get it in the car ;-)

    Mad x

  8. Mad - I should have listened to my inner self who said "it's gorgeous, buy it", rather than my sensible self who said "how on earth are you going to get it home". Next time, I'll take you or Suburbia with me !!!