3 September 2009


A favourite view of the Four Banal, in Rue du Four Banal, at Le Grand-Pressigny


  1. We saw the four last June when we walked down the rue des Remparts. I guess we walked past your holiday home without knowing it :) Martine

  2. Hi Jean,
    I've just spent a really enjoyable hour reading your complete blog. You and Nick certainly get around a fair bit! We've just signed the CDV on a house in Le Petit Pressigny and I came across your blog by accident doing a web search. We'll certainly look out for you at the PreHisto but will have the advantage of knowing who you are! Keep up the good work.
    Best Wishes
    Gaynor (Staffordshire and fingers crosses Le PP)

  3. Hi Gaynor, you have picked a fabulous part of France to buy a house !! Will you be there full time (lucky things if you are) or is it a holiday home ? Hope to bump into you some time. Jean