16 October 2009


Tomatoes. Tons of them.
If we went out there would be some on our doorstep when we returned.
If we called on friends we came away with some. Visitors would bring us some.
Wonderful. We love tomatoes.


  1. Just wanted to say merci once again for the lovely afternoon and evening.

    And, I took Nick's wood stove tips to heart and we built a fire when we got home Friday night that stayed hot all night long! Amazing...

  2. What was the wood stove tip, please!?

  3. Judy,

    The stoves are intended to burn long and slow but Walt told us theirs was burning way too fast, so no way would it stay in all night. Our suggestion was to make sure all the various vents and doors were fully closed and the chimney control shut right down for the night. The stove draws enough air in to keep it alight (and even roaring if the chimney is open) without any vents open and is much more efficient when made to burn this way. So we only open the vent to light it or get it back to life in the mornings. Two 50 cm long 6-8ish inch round logs will burn for a good 12 hours when its shut down like this and in the morning the stove is still fairly hot to the touch, so keeps the chill off the room.

    Hope that helps explain....