20 October 2009


The Happy Pêcheur at Descartes.


  1. This looks so peaceful. My late husband was a great fisher too. He didn't mind getting up at four in the morning to catch some trout. One day, he came home with ... 17! Martine

  2. Martine - Nick is not so much a fisherman as a man with a lot of fishing tackle. He rarely catches anything. It's so rare that we can afford champagne to celebrate every catch !!
    But he just loves trying. Have you ever tried fishing ? Although it looks peaceful, I'm sure I would find it boring after only 10 minutes and would be very frustrated if I didn't catch anything !!

  3. Martine, so that's what I'm doing wrong! Maybe I'll truy getting up early.

    Contrary to what Jean says I do catch a few fish, however catching them does get in the way of the tranquillity of trying...I once caught 8 trout and grayling in 9 casts and gave up, it was just too exhausting.

  4. Yes Jean, I tried it once or twice ... But I only got to the pond by noon carrying our picnic. By three we were both home again.

    Nick, LOL. I bet a lot of fishermen feel just like you!