13 November 2009


Some of the houses that nestle around the château.
(with a pear tree in the foreground)


  1. Can we see your holiday home in this picture?

  2. Hi Martine - actually no, ours is not in this picture. But this is one of my favourite views over LGP. I got to see more of it from higher up when we visited the château.

    We walk Lulu regularly up this street when we are chez nous. There is a tiny dog that lives in one of these houses. It is so small it barely reaches Lulu's ankles but it can hear her coming from a long way off and barks furiously for ages every time we pass. It must drive the owners mad.
    The smaller the dog, the bigger the noise, I often find !!

  3. Jean, Waiting for someone who doesn't turn up when promised (I'm talking about your decorator) can be very nerve wrecking. Last Thursday I waited a whole day for a telecom technician who was scheduled to come between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to connect my new internet connexion. He finally showed up at 4 p.m. after several calls to the central dispatching!!! What a waste of good time, as I simply sat around all the time not daring to leave the appartment, not even to go to my garage which is just 10 metres from the backdoor, afraid that he would ring the doorbell at that precise moment!

    I sincerly hope your decorator will show up today ... Good luck! Martine