2 November 2009


When we bought our house two years ago, the château in Le Grand-Pressigny was already closed for alterations and building work. During our first few holidays we would awake every morning to the "humm-whirr-clunck" sound of the crane working on the château. (I can hardly believe it's already two years.)

Several deadlines had come and gone but it was finally due to re-open on the 20th September this year. We were most disappointed that this was just after we had spent two weeks in the village on holiday and we would therefore miss the big day.

An old picture of the château and surrounding cottages which is now displayed inside the museum

When we were chez nous in October we planned a visit with Ken and Walt on Tuesday. Then we discovered that Tuesday is the only day of the week that the château is closed.

Another, more recent picture of the château, also displayed in the museum.

So we rearranged the visit for Friday. They arrived at lunchtime, with their dog Callie. We were having such a good time eating, talking and drinking, watching Lulu and Callie playing together that somehow the hours slipped by and we ran out of time to visit the château.

Lulu and Callie had great fun chasing each other around our little terrace and garden.

The next day was Saturday and our last chance to visit before we came back to England. After a good lunch with our friend Barrie at Grand Ma's we wandered up the hill and walked over the bridge and in through the lovely old doors that had been closed to us until now.

All the time we have been in LGP, it has been possible to walk virtually all the way around the outside of the château but not through those doors. We have watched the new buildings gradually go up and were not at all sure that we liked the modern design.

As I walked through the doors into the courtyard I had to stop for a moment to take it all in. I had no idea that it would be so beautiful inside. Previously I had seen old photos and postcards of the grounds taken before the château had been closed but this was so much better than I had expected.

From the château there are wonderful views over the rooftops and I suddenly felt immensely proud and privileged to own a little place in this lovely part of France.

There was hardly anyone else around. I was glad after all that we didn't have to share the experience with the crowds of other people that were there on opening day. For this special moment we had it almost to ourselves.

More soon...............


  1. Lovely pictures Jean, I can't wait to take a look for myself now! I was always very sceptical but Chris was the great believer that it would be good from the inside out...


  2. Gail - it is fabulous inside. It makes the outside make sense.

    There will be more pictures soon.

  3. Hi Jean
    It looks brilliant! Can you see your place in the view from the chateau?

  4. Ken - it's in there somewhere !!

  5. Lule and Callie look so cute together!