4 November 2009


We're taking a break to get on with important stuff at home. We're having some new windows and some decorating. Most rooms of the house will be affected. Also there's a lot of furniture shifting and tidying up to do before the work can start. I dread this sort of thing but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get on with it.

(If I could just close my eyes and wake up in about three weeks' time when it's all done......including the cleaning up afterwards.............)


  1. Enjoy the break Jean. Make the most of it.

  2. Jean, What a pitty ... I was looking forward to more photos of the interior of Le Château to convince me that the modern renovation was actually a good idea!

    In the meantime, good luck with the decorating. Will there be dust coming out of my computer when I log into your blog :))? Martine

  3. Martine - I would rather be blogging but the work just has to be done.

    If I get a spare minute I'll put up some photos to keep you going.

    And there will certainly be plenty of dust to clean up !!

  4. I sympathize with you but as you wrote, you have to bite the bullet. Even a bird's nest has to be mended sometimes.

  5. Just got here from Ken's blog, and had to comment to introduce myself and say "What a handsome dog!" I'm not a dog person at all -- it's cats all the way! But friends of my parents had a standard poodle when I was young, and I've always liked them -- real dogs, nothing like those little yappy things!