20 December 2009


21st December is the shortest day and aren't we glad about that. Although the worst of the weather is probably yet to come, at least the days are supposed to be getting longer. Officially anyway.

This is a picture of my parents on their wedding day in April 1950. It should be subtitled "country girl marries handsome sailor".

My mother died on the shortest day in 2002, suddenly, unexpectedly and without warning. She suffered a type of aneurism that meant that within moments of feeling unwell she was gone. What a great way to die. It certainly threw us into a spin that year and Christmas was a bit strange to say the least.

The wierd thing is, she brought up the subject of her own funeral with my Dad less than 48 hours before her death. How could she have known ?

She was the youngest of 8 children including 4 half-brothers and sisters. She had a wicked sense of humour and was an expert at getting her own back. She definitely had the last laugh on all of us. She wanted her ashes to be scattered on Marazion beach in Cornwall, opposite St Michael's Mount. Naturally, she had her wish, bless her. We all miss her. After all, you only have one mum.


  1. Jean,
    That's a nice little story to share about your Mum.

    By the way, today is our longest day down under.
    Have a great Xmas.

  2. Hi Jean
    Quite a story...and I can see why you are comfortable with riding motorbikes if your mum rode them.
    I once had a private tour of StMichael's Mount after spending the day windsurfing there. It was a great day. It was a great holiday.
    I guess it was a favouite place for your mum.

  3. Leon - Happy Christmas to you, too. I can't imagine Christmas without the short days and cold weather.

    Ken - she was only a pillion rider but I love the cheeky grin in this photo, as if she is daring to ride it by herself. She and Dad travelled everywhere by motorcycle including to Scotland and Northern Ireland. I went with them in the sidecar !!