21 December 2009


With all this talk of snow I thought you might like to see what we have here in our little corner of Derbyshire. The snow has fallen on and off for a few days, most of it yesterday, and we have about 3-4" (8-10 cm).

The view from the front of the house.

Very Christmassy, n'est-ce pas ?

The view from the back of the house. Notice the pheasant looking for seeds that might have fallen from our bird-feeders. Our highest pheasant count so far is 6 females and 2 males, including a melanistic pheasant. They presumably nest in the woods not far from our house but come to feed in our garden and drink in our pond.


  1. Jean. For some pictures of difficult driving conditions in the Highlands yesterday (Sunday 20th) on the way to Inverness, see here: http://jimsloire.blogspot.com/2009/12/snow-in-scotland-too.html

  2. Hi Jim, I looked at those pics and believe it or not it was just like that here yesterday. We attempted to do the usual present delivery run to Nick's mother only 10 miles away but turned back. The round trip to nowhere took 90 minutes. And it was pretty scary. I will be glad when the snow has gone - can cope with anything except snow.

  3. That tree in the front garden is crying out to be trimmed-up with lights.
    I must admit, I hate driving in the stuff but love to see snow in abundance. You must see quite a lot of wildlife in your garden as it looks pretty rural.

  4. Jean, We seem to be in the same snowy mess. We've just cleared the sidewalk, because if someone falls and breaks a leg on your sidewalk, you, as resident or tenant, are held resposible. I hope it won't start snowing again overnight, as all our efforts will have been in vain.

  5. Martine - in the UK we have the bizarre legal situation that if you clear your path and someone falls, you are to blame. But if you do nothing so that people are even more likely to fall over then you are not to blame as it is their own fault.

    Nevertheless, at work I insist on clearing the paths and putting down plenty of grit to help people, especially the older ones.

  6. Beautiful pictures. It's raining here in Saint-Aignan this evening, though we had we snow for most of the afternoon. This morning, the road surface out front was very slick. Callie and I were slipping and sliding. The good news is that it's much warmer now than it was a day or two ago, and the house feels much warmer.

  7. Hi Jean,
    I don't know which corner of Derbyshire you live in, but in our corner of Staffordshire (about 12 miles from Uttoxeter)we've just had the bitterly cold weather and not really any snow at all.
    Snow is great but only if you have the time to enjoy it, in the UK travelling anywhere can be a nightmare.
    Your garden looks very Christmassy - is there such a word?
    Merry Christmas to you and Nick. We heard today that our purchase should go through on December 28th so perhaps we will meet up in France after all!

  8. Yup, our snow is all gone now. It was fun for a while but it has now dutifully melted. So thoughtful, I think, rather than stick around for a month or so.

  9. Jean, Will you celebrating Christmas in LGP ? Martine

  10. Martine - we arrive after Christmas but will be making the most of the festive season including New Year's Eve !
    But we MUST try to do some decorating. We've had the place for two years now so it's beginning to become embarrassing that it's not done. Trouble is - we now have so many good friends and have such a good time that we forget about it !!