6 January 2010


Today was the day I should have been having an operation on my foot. It was cancelled due to bad weather. So I decided to take Lulu for a walk along the lane not far from home.

Pretty soon we met Lulu's friend Jack, the collie, out for a walk with his mum. They had a great time running around the fields together in the snow.

The scenery was very pretty. Jack's mum was also taking photos. We haven't had quite this much snow for a few years. Often it doesn't stay photogenic for very long as it becomes slushy and less attractive. This time it has been so cold that the snow has stayed in good condition.

I decided to make the most of it. This might be my last walk for a while as the operation has been rescheduled for Friday 8th, provisionally anyway, depending on the weather.

It certainly is cold. These icicles hanging off our conservatory were only just beginning to melt slightly in the afternoon sunshine. They're frozen again now.

There are some advantages to the cold weather. These roses have been on my bathroom windowsill since 18th December, presumably having lasted so well because it is cool there. They were half-price then, already past their sell-by date in the supermarket. £2.50 in fact. It's interesting how sometimes you can pay a fortune for a bunch of roses and within two days they are flopped-over and past it. Other times, they seem to last for ages.

I have always been fascinated by dying flowers. Some of them, tulips for example, fade away so elegantly. I never discard flowers until they are absolutely done for; usually I thin out the bunches into smaller and smaller vases until there are only a few hangers-on left.


  1. Hi Jean,
    Sorry to read that your op. has been postponed.
    At least you made the most of your extra time 'on your feet'.
    Super photographs!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, Gaynor. It just feels like a "stay of execution" at the moment and I will have to psych myself up for it all over again.

  3. Jean, I'm sorry to read that your operation has been postponed. It's tough especially if you were mentally prepared for it.

    As for the snow, Wow, you're really knee-deep into it, aren't you? Allow me to be a bit selfish ... but I hope it will stay on your side of the Channel :). Best of luck with your operation. Martine

  4. Looks like a winter wonderland. Until you have to drive in it!

    Another advantage of the frozen weather for me is that Callie doesn't come back from walks all muddy.

  5. Hi Jean
    What are you doing walking when you are about to have an operation on your foot?

    On balance, it looks like it was worth it. Great pictures.

  6. Thanks for your comment at mine. So sorry he did those things.

    Lovely photos, though the novelty is wearing off now for me!!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Good luck at the hospital.

  8. Some fine photos Jean. Hope the op goes well.