6 February 2010


In the middle of the February doldrums, what I really need is something to remind me of summer - to reassure me that - yes, summer does come every year, eventually. Looking at these pictures, all taken on very hot days last summer, I can almost feel the heat already.

The church in Le Grand-Pressigny

A watering-hole opposite the church - the PreHisto

The river at L'Isle Bouchard


Descartes on the day of the Comice Agricole

Some flowers and our pond at home in Derbyshire.

(Yes, summer happens here as well !)



  1. It's obvious you enjoy France. How are you doing with the language?

  2. Berowne - thanks for the comment. We are having great fun with the language. It's a bit "two steps forward, one step back" as we make progress when we're there but slip back if there's a long spell between visits, like now.

  3. I've been to Descartes! What a coincidence.
    We rented a holiday cottage about 2km from the town itself. Isn't it a pretty little town though?

  4. In fact the square you show I am sure is where we bought some food from a travelling Chinese food van

  5. FF - there is a stall selling Chinese food on the market every Sunday, I believe. The photo is taken from the market place looking towards the main shopping street.

    We like Descartes very much. There is a fabulous public park and gardens down by the river. I will be posting some photos of it at some point.

  6. Jean, When we were in LGP last June, the Prehisto bar was closed. It was on Wednesday. We had a drink on the terrace of the bar near the 'Office de tourisme'. It wasn't a very attractive establishment and we didn't stay long. Moreover, we had a aperitif and lunch appointment with S&S in Preuilly that day.

  7. Martine - you had your drink outside the "Jean Bart". It is in a good position for people-watching and passing the time of day, I think.

    Both bars are equally attractive (so to speak) but I think it's great that there is always one or the other, often both, open at any time, which means there is rarely a time of day when you can't get a drink or meet your friends. This outweighs any issues we have with the decor !

    You can also get a drink in the bar at the restaurant, Chez GrandMa, opposite the boulangerie.

    One of the things we like most about the village is that its commerces are thriving; it's not just a tourist place that dies in winter or that just has twee little gift shops and cafés - although I really like those as well.

    It would be nice to be able to say hello to you at one of our bars some time. We could discuss the plan for our new book !!

  8. Jean, I'd love to meet you and Nick and perhaps talk about our new book. Maybe you could send me an email with the approx. dates of your vacations in France? I may be able to adapt my schedule .. Looking forward to it already!