23 March 2010


It is one year today since I started this blog. This is what has happened since.

It has taken up an enormous amount of my time. I have enjoyed every minute. (Apart from the many, many minutes spent trying to figure out what Blogger was doing with my text and pictures.)

I have made lots of new friends. Some I haven't met in person yet but I still think of them as friends. Others I have met, exchanged stories and eaten with them. How wonderful is that ?
I have read dozens of other blogs and learned loads of stuff I didn't know before. I have a huge number of new recipes to try. I have tried other peoples' gardening tips and read books they recommended. I have had great fun visiting places I have seen in other blogs that I would never have thought of by myself.

I have written a story. Something I always wanted to do properly since I finished writing stories on leaving school.

I have had the need to trawl through hundreds of photos. This has been a complete joy, reminding me of how much we have crammed into our lives so far and how lucky we are.

I haven't run out of ideas yet but I haven't seen the bottom of my ironing basket since I started.


  1. What a choice to have to make - on the one hand ironing, on the other sitting blogging. You did the right thing - you came into the blogosphere and never looked back. I'm delighted to have you as a bloggy friend and you never know - perhaps one day we will even meet up.

  2. Walt - thanks !

    FF - it has been so much fun and you never know.....your part of France is only two hours-ish from us. Mind you, once I get settled on that little terrace and stuck into a good book I don't much want to go anywhere else !! One day, perhaps !

  3. Congratulations on your first year, and may there be many more. It's always enjoyable to read.

  4. Félicitations Jean! Thanks to your blog I've finally been to LGP. We had it on our to-see list for years, but never seemed to have the time to go there, until last year. And thanks also for becoming the very first follower of my blog ! Keep up the good 'blog' work.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. You and your stories have given us a real insight into a part of France we hope to get to know and love as much as you do.
    You have made it come alive for us.
    Keep up the excellent work and we hope to meet up with you again soon.

  6. Hi Jean
    Happy Birthday!
    I can't imagine you not being around. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.
    It has gone by very quickly.

  7. Carolyn, Martine, Gaynor and Ken - thank you !

  8. Joyeux anniversaire! For me being so far away from France, seeing your photos make me less homesick.
    I know it is not always easy to find something interesting to write, but somehow, you always pull through.

  9. Nadege - thanks for the compliment. The photos mean a lot to me, too. They remind me that it's not long now before we will be back in our little maison again. Hooray - can't wait !!

  10. Yes, Jean, Bon Anniversaire to your blog. It's always a pleasure to read. See you and Nick soon.

  11. Happy Blog Birthday Jean! Keep the lovely photos and commentaries coming to make me feel as though I'm there even when I'm not. Not long to wait now though ...

  12. Ken - thanks, I wish we had the sunshine you're getting at the moment ! Looking forward to seeing you and Walt next month.

    Gail - thank you and see you soon in LGP.

  13. Hello Jean,
    Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary. Your blogs give us enjoyment.
    We are currently in Tours as we read this and will pass through your village tomorrow on the way to see S & S.
    What a shame we can't meet you on the way.

  14. Hi Leon, what a shame our paths will cross just two weeks apart when you have come all this way from the other side of the planet!! Another time, perhaps.

    Have a great time !