28 March 2010


Prior to our forthcoming trip to our little maison we have been doing some essential shopping for those all-important items to take with us. We went to Ikea near Nottingham for some shelving to put in the cellar to replace the Fred Flintstone stuff made of breeze blocks that is already there. Also a few bits of extra cutlery to match the things we bought a couple of years ago.

We came away without either of these. We couldn't make our minds up about the shelving and they don't do that cutlery any more. But we did manage somehow to buy some stuff we really don't need but can't live without, including several candles, 3 orchids, some light bulbs, plant pot holders, two washing up brushes and an Arv Bröllop. (Don't you just love the names of their products - it makes checking your receipt afterwards a whole evening's entertainment. If you were short of something to do for the evening.)

Now the need for this wonderful item will be apparent when you read on and I let you know my guilty secret.

Which is ........we buy a lottery ticket most weeks.

I know, I know, it's a senseless and useless waste of money. But my theory is that someone wins a lot of money every week and if you don't have a ticket..........

Anyway, what would I do with the money ?

I would open a cake shop. Ever since my mother taught me to make pastry at the age of seven or eight, I have enjoyed baking. She would bake a whole lot of stuff on a Saturday afternoon and when it had all gone by Tuesday she would bake some more. I loved to help. Maybe it was the chance to lick the spoon afterwards.

Her standard recipe book was the Bero book. I still have one or two rather well-thumbed copies that belonged to her, plus a few others that I have collected. I also have a humungous collection of other recipe books, mostly baking books. (Its size almost rivals my collection of half-knitted jumpers.) Unfortunately, I don't bake so often these days because His Nibs doesn't like cake too much and all my colleagues are on a diet which would leave it to me to scoff the lot with the inevitable effect on the waistline. But I still love reading the books. Got to be prepared for the big day when I open my shop.

This is my very first recipe book. There is a coupon inside the back page where you can send off for more copies at 13s/6d each.

So, when I win the lottery, I will have a cakeshop / beadshop / giftshop / cafe / post office. (This last bit would satisfy my passion for stationery and stamp collecting, but that's another story.)

I would open 10 til 12 in the morning for coffee, cake and beads, then 3 til 5 in the afternoon for tea, cake and beads. That leaves a nice long break for lunch and plenty of time to bake the cakes and do the beads.

Now you know why I needed that Arv Bröllop. By the time I open my cake shop, they might not sell them any more so I got it now, just in case.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

The pictures of cakes are from various sites found via Google - I haven't baked them myself, sadly.


  1. I now know how the dog feels when he starts to drool with excitement!

    Mad x

  2. Mad - licking the spoon was one of the best bits of childhood. Still is !!

  3. I would register it as a modern-day miracle because I haven't ever bought a ticket. I'd still take the money and give it to you just so that I can buy my cakes from your shop.

    I really like that Arv thingy!

  4. Hi Jean,
    If you can make cakes like the ones in the photographs, when I win the lottery I will buy you the cake shop. Unlike Ken I occasionally buy a ticket, and you can pay me back in cakes!

  5. Dottinghab IKEA? [Sorry, I need Tunes - woke up this morning with my sinussessssess inflamed - I think it's the dust stirred up doing all this packing.] You could try Tours? Then let us know if it is safe to access!! I can't see the cakes at the moment.... all the Blogger sites seem very confused and your Photo de Jour page apparently doesn't exist!! Wierd.... I'll leave it until later and try again.

  6. Tim - we are having the same problem with the photos. Must be a blogger error.

    The photo du jour page was a publishing error - you should get that in a day or two !!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Mmmm pastries-hope macarons will be on the menu.
    If I won the lottery, I'd make a preliminary visit to France and meet you and Lulu and some other internt friends. Then come home, pack up the poodles, go back to France and open a dog boutique/garden store/brocante shop across the street from your bead/bake shop.

  8. Ken and Gaynor - you will have to let me know which cake is your favourite. Then I can practise for the shop !

    Martina - Standard poodles are very scarce in France so yours would become celebrities, too.