25 April 2010


This is the snowy mespilus tree in our back garden.

We wouldn't have known what it was except for someone who "knows something about trees"coming to the house a few years ago. She told us what it was.

Prior to that all we knew was that it is a beautiful tree and is always in flower by the 12th April. Without fail. This year we have been waiting and waiting for it to flower and with the fine weather last week it has finally happened.

It just shows how late things are this year after the long and cold winter. It is at least two and probably three weeks late. Now that it has flowered we feel we can relax and that spring has finally arrived.


  1. Lovely day today - enjoy. Cloud tomorrow!! Diane

  2. April always brings about the most lovely blooming trees. Then there is a storm and knocks off all the flowers.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. I'm walking around and marvelling at the coloured trees and shrubs in people's gardens. It looks like you have a grand display as well.

    Hope you are not missing France too much

  4. Hi Jean
    Bev would like to know the common name for it.

  5. Ken - snowy mespilus is its common name. I googled it and the real name is three times longer and completely unpronouncable !

    It was there when I bought the house 25 years ago and it hasn't grown huge so it is obvously an ideal tree for a small garden.