26 May 2010


We have enjoyed some rather fine weather here in Derbyshire during May. It happens like this most years. We get a few warm and sunny days in May and we get all excited. Out comes the garden furniture and we have a barbecue. Then it goes back under the covers for most of June, July and August !!

Reading Ken's post recently, I am reminded how different things are in the Loire. Yes it will rain and it may cool off a bit, for a while. But you can guarantee that the summer there will be better than it will be in the UK. Usually it is a few degrees warmer, much brighter and somewhat drier.

Here are some photos from our trip in May last year. It was just the beginning of a really good summer.

Barrie's well.

Chez Barrie.

Apéro time in the square.

And we're not the only ones who love the sunshine!


  1. Lovely pictures. The weather here has been lovely but Nigel arrived yesterday and so did the rain!! The garden needs it though I am trying to convince him! Diane

  2. Great photos - is that second one your garden?

  3. Diane - we need the rain here, too, for the sake of the gardens.

    FF - sadly, no, our garden is much more modest !!

  4. Nice pictures again from last May - counting down the days and only two to go! Hopefully see you next week ...

  5. Jean, Have a lovely vacation! Sorry I missed you by just two weeks! Moreover, I am afraid we took the fine weather home with us when we left Vouvray last Friday ... although ... It didn't last all that long and it has been raining steadily since last night and there is yet more rain to come :(( Have fun! Martine