25 June 2010


At my place of work we have a fund-raising event every November, for "Children in need". We have a cake-stall and sell home-made cakes to the shop and office workers nearby as well as to passers-by.

Lately we have had help from Jack, who makes cakes for the sale and also helps to distribute the goodies around the town.

He has branched out into cupcakes and brought us some samples to try. What a star !!

These particular cupcakes are some he made for a wedding.

If you passed Jack in the street, you would never think "there goes a man who looks like he makes delicious cupcakes". But as you can see, he is very talented.
We ladies are all thinking of asking him for lessons.
Just in case you're wondering, they taste just as good as they look.


  1. They look quite delicious and I am now feeling hungry..... The butterflies are gorgeous. Diane

  2. Hi Jean
    Has it really been a year? Yes, they look about the best I've ever seen.

    How is your Dad incidentally. I've only just read the comment you left.

    Enjoy your July visit...as if you need telling.

  3. At any given time, I could eat a whole plate of cupcakes. These look wonderful. I'm glad I'm not there; if I were, I would eat them all!

  4. Diane and Ken - They looked absolutely gorgeous, with slightly crinkly ribbons of buttercream on top, sprinkled with very fine glitter (perfectly harmless, I am assured). They apparently went down very well when he baked them for a wedding, although Jack said that standing up to swirl the icing over 80 cupcakes took it out of him a bit.

    Rob-Bear - When he brought them into work, Jack was concerned that having eating one with elevenses might spoil our lunch. We said no, but the second and third might !! He brought us three each !

  5. WOW!!! The piping on these is FANTASTIC!!! The cupcakes are beautiful and look DELISH!!!! Hope you get to take classes with Jack...