19 June 2010


Our standard poodle, Lulu, is the perfect dog to travel with. She spends most of the journey asleep in the boot of the car, in her own little den, which is made very comfortable with lots of soft blankets for her to curl up in. She is absolutely no trouble at all. She doesn't bark at other cars and just looks up occasionally to see where we are. We usually stop every hour or so to stretch all our legs.

Bearing in mind that she had already done an epic journey, 12 hours and 600 miles, in the car from our home in England to Le Grand-Pressigny, after only two days we were up and off again, all the way south to Perpignan. It would be another 6 hours and 400 miles. She is so adaptable and when we got to Pete and Cyn's, she happily explored her new surroundings, settling in really well straight away. Of course, if the host gives her the bowl to lick it always helps.
Having explored all the rooms on the first floor, she then shot upstairs and out onto the balcony. She was perfectly comfortable 60 feet above their back garden, watching whatever was going on below.

We had a lovely evening with Pete and Cyn, dining in comfort and style. They are vegetarians and it is always a treat to eat veggie food cooked by such good and enthusiastic cooks. A lack of meat does not mean that food has to be boring and in fact we have meatless meals ourselves at home quite often.

For main course we had a superb vegetarian moussaka that Cynthia had made for us. Lulu was available for any titbits that might just come her way. Veggie food is fine with her, especially if it happens to have some of that delicious sauce on it, like the one she tasted from the bowl earlier !

Next morning, Nick fetched bread from the boulangerie in the village whilst Lulu helped Peter to make a few calls and Cyn laid the breakfast table.

Nick reported that his shopping experience had been quite a challenge. He had used his best Crabtree French but had had difficulty in making himself understood. The local accent is very different from that in the Loire and not only that, the bread was completely different, too. He came back with whatever he was given by the shopkeeper, beating a hasty retreat before he dug an even bigger hole for himself. Luckily, it was very tasty.

After breakfast we all piled into our car, including Lulu, and off we set for a day out. Our destination was the Gorges de Galamus, which is not very far away.


  1. How nice to have a dog that travels well, Lulu sounds like a dream traveller. We had two small dogs in S.Africa which were good but when one died the replacement was a nightmare:( Life was very difficult. French accents can be quite demanding - glad the bread was OK:) Diane

  2. Wonderful that Lulu travels so well. Our Poodle, Sadie, is also a great traveller. All I have to do is say, "Go for a ride?" and she's right there! But why not. A big fluffy carpet on the back seat, and lots of windows to see out.

  3. Your friend's place is lovely.
    I love all the Southwest region where the weather is warmer and drier than up North ( I'm used To South California's weather) but what I like about France is for being a small country, all the different regions have their own charm (own foods, accents, culture...).
    Lulu is the perfect traveling companion.

  4. Do your friends live there permanently or is it just their holifay home? It looks great and the view from the balcony is breathtaking. It would give me 'les vertiges'! :)

  5. Martine - they still live in England but are spending a lot of time in France to finish the house. It is their holiday home.

  6. Lulu is one gorgeous dog and I'll swap you two excitable dogs that like to bark at the cars we pull up alongside, other dogs who dare to look at us,falling leaves, pecking birds, people a mile away putting their bin out - in short they are the complete opposite of quiet and obedient.

    It sounds like you have had a great time with your friends and I'm with you on great veggie food. We have two meatless/fishless meals a week and I love my old Cranks cook book. I know there have been other more modern ones but to me it is my veggy bible.

  7. My blog is showing up that you have a new post about a mystery village. I do not seem able to load it is there some problem? Diane

  8. Diane - it was a publishing error, caused by what can only be described as a senior moment.
    I hit the publish button instead of the save button by mistake ! You'll have to wait a while to read that post !