9 July 2010


We came across the art of wall painting quite often in the villages in the Pyrénées-orientales. This example in Cassagnes is one of the better ones.

And if you don't have trees by the roadside, just paint them on the wall ! Why not !


  1. Have you noticed the ones by the crossroads in Yzeures [only visible if you are coming from Barou direction and have gone through the village on the way to the Intermarche]... I keep meaning to photograph them.
    We are now here, drop in when you are next in GP

  2. Hi Tim, we drove past your place last Saturday morning and wondered if you were in. But it was too hot for visiting, or anything else. How have you coped with the heat-wave?
    We are back home in UK now but will def. call next time (August). Also will look out for the painting in Yzeueres.