22 July 2010


Why do people love the 2CV so much ?
If you put "iconic French car" into Google, it comes up with lots of pictures of 2CV's. But I just don't get it. Or at least I thought I didn't.

There are still a lot of them on the road and all these pictures were taken on the same afternoon. We saw this one in Richelieu a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if it was a special Sunday car or just regular transport.

We saw this rather cheery bright red one at a classic car / autojumble event at Luzé. I liked the folding sunroof and definitely approved of the colour, although I noticed that one door looked a different shade from the rest. It looked in too good condition to be everyday transport.

We saw this collection of old and dead 2CV's out in the country somewhere. Rather sad, I thought. Although presumably handy if you needed a bit of one for something.

Then I spotted this one at Richelieu. Now you're talking. It had beautiful white leather seats and was nothing short of positively gorgeous. Definitely a Sunday best car.

A big thank you to Keith Eckstein of A Taste of Garlic for pointing out that this is not a 2CV, but a Dyane. (See comments.) I should have known !! A classy car will have a classy name. Being a woman, what would I ever know about any car except if I like the colour !!

(Now if it had been a Harley-Davidson, I would know exactly which model it was.)

A couple with a child were walking towards me as I was admiring it and snapping away. The man turned out to be the owner of the car. I complimented him on his classy vehicle and asked if he minded me taking photos. He didn't mind at all but was rather surprised when I asked if I could take his photo with it. Why not - it was his car. It sounded nice when he drove it away, too.

It was so gorgeous I thought I might have been converted. But no - I would still prefer a Renault 4. Maybe I just haven't seen the right 2CV yet.


  1. The blue one with the white leather seats is a Dyane.

    Still very nice, though!

    Renault 4's are also very good. I had a similar experience in London; I was raving about a yellow R4 to my girlfriend and then the owner came up, pleased as punch!

    If you're interested in finding out more about these beautiful cars... try doing a google search on Blue 2CVs go faster

    All the best


  2. Great post, love these cars, don't ask me why though:-) Diane

  3. I'm with you. I'd go for a R4 if the right one came along. Ken used to own one back in the early '80s in Paris.

  4. Jean, Keith has it wrong... the car outside the Richlieu Market is a 2CV and a Club at that... very nice. Clubs have the square headlights... and quite often drum brakes at the front.
    The one you liked with the folding back roof, and the one at the top, are both Dyanes [still on a 2CV chassis] The roof unhitches from the metal frame and can be rolled right back like the 2CV roof.
    As for the red colour on one of the doors... you should see our red Special... it has all sorts of shades of Rouge Vallelunga... as the paint weathers it fades quite badly and is difficult to match.
    You will probably find that the car, if not in daily use, is very frequently used each week.

    The vans at the back of the yard picture are all H-Vans... the H-Van is an 'onnorrary 2CV and has it's own section in the 2CVGB magazine... they convert into very good campers as you can access the back from the front seets and most people can stand up in them with ease [probably NOT Simon, though.]

    Finally, people love the 2CV so much because it is great fun to drive, handles like a motorbike but with 4 wheels instead of two, they make people smile... and most of all>> they are real workhorses.

  5. Very "peculiar" care, for a North American eye. But I bet it would be fun to have one!

  6. The Dyane is a sophisticated 2CV.
    I would really like one.

  7. Hi Jean
    I hope you didnt mind me copying a few comments from your blog for my blog.


  8. Hi Steve, not at all - glad to be of service ! I thought there might be a bit more of a debate about the Dyane/2CV question.

    BTW your blog is looking very smart now.

  9. Thanks Jean. If you have another look you might find another famous person on one, I spotted in Paris!

  10. I bought a citroen 2cv special last august 2011 you might need very deep pockets to restore one if you are serious about owning one i am chiffed to bits with mine all the floors have been replaced recently and I Have stripped the engine and rebuilt it over last winter 2011-2012. I will never ever sell the car is an investment as far as I am concerned and it will also be a cheaper alternative to my thirsty diesel car when diesel gets to higher prices that are unafordable the 2cv is still a group one insurance car with 8 years NCB it costs £12o a year fully comp to insure the fuel tank is only 24 litres so it wont break the bank to fill it up, security isnt fantastic and they are now being stolen to order for shipping abroard. if you want one buy it now many are being sold on ebay so that peiople can dig their way out of the debt trap the recession in the uk has put them into.
    you could get one for around £800 like i did but be prepared to find the old tin worm and spend a couple of grand doing it up good examples are reaching good money of 5 grand or meven more for exzcellent condition examples, by waxoil and i nject it into every cavity to stop the rust and it should last you years if taken care of. regartds N.