25 July 2010


The last time we saw Simon and Susan, they turned up in Le Grand-Pressigny with a little box of cherries, harvested less than an hour before from their orchard in Preuilly-sur-Claise.
We were leaving to come home to the UK the next day so we brought the cherries with us. They were delicious.

Not long after that Susan posted a recipe for clafoutis that looked very interesting. I had been looking for an easy clafoutis recipe for a while.

So I bought some more cherries and decided to have a go. It goes something like this:

Using a food processor or hand mixer, whiz together :
50g plain flour
50g ground almonds
100g sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
250ml plain yoghurt or a mixture of yoghurt and milk
Pour the batter into 6 large greased ramekins
Sprinkle on top 300g cherries
Bake at 180°C for 30-40 minutes.

The original recipe is in Susan's blog post here. I adapted it slightly for what I can get in the UK. I suppose you could argue that this is not true holiday cooking. I acquired some cherries on holiday but actually did the cooking at home. They were delicious.

Except that, on our next trip to France, I repeated the exercise in my little holiday kitchen and also branched out a bit. I made a batch of little cherry clafoutis and then some strawberry and blueberry clafoutis. They were very nice, too. Thank you Susan, for a great idea.


Is the plural of clafoutis still clafoutis ??


  1. Didn't you know that it is a terrible thing to show us such wonderful pictures without giving us a bite?

    Hope you have a safe relocation.

  2. This looks quite similar to my Baked Cherry Custard, but I think in separate dishes it probably cooks better. Will try this next time. Diane

  3. Hi Jean
    Our cherries weren't on the tree longer than two days. Wish I'd had your recipe. I'll keep it in my book and use it next year.

  4. Rob-bear - it's torture, isn't it?!

    Diane - the individual portion size is very useful and these are a doddle to make.

    Ken - hope you had a good time in France. Nice to see you back.
    It's such a simple and adaptable recipe. It also worked well with a mixture of strawberries and blueberries and I fancy trying it with apricots - if I'm not too late that is.

  5. Hello again - just think, we'll both be breaking away to France soon, every time the opportunity presents itself.

    Lovely little clafoutis - I don't think I have ever eaten one but they do look yummy

  6. oooooh yum! they look great! Super photos too.

  7. Jean, I'm still trying to work out your 'question du jour'. From what I find in the Petit Robert, clafoutis just doesn't take a plural ... maybe that's because eating more than one can "seriously damage your health" (or should that be 'waistline') :))

  8. Sometimes the singular is written as clafouti, but mostly you see clafoutis. And yes, the plural is the same: des clafoutis.

  9. Madette and I were only talking about clafoutis limousin earlier this week. Yum. In the winter, you can make a clafoutis with stoned prunes. Soaked in armagnac, beforehand, of course. Hic!

    Mad x