29 July 2010


At approximately this very hour tomorrow, this is where I will be. Debriefing at the PreHisto.

The girls' weekend is becoming a tradition, well if you count two years on the trot. So I am travelling courtesy of Ryanair to Le Grand-Pressigny and Nick is staying home to keep house and walk the dog. For a whole weekend.

Three days off the lead. How good is that ??!!


  1. Dew drop Inn.... or give us a ring... Simon and Susan or Nicole and Alex have the number if I haven't emailed it to you.
    There is a Fete/Kermess at the presbetry on Sunday [as well as a Fete du Moisson at Abilly] so if you see a little grey 2CV around with Uk plates it is likeley to be us.

  2. Sounds like fun. Do hope you have a good time.

    But why did you leave your "special" girl, Lulu, behind? Not fair, I say.

  3. Oh, you are so lucky! Have a great weekend Jean.

  4. How I envy you :). Have fun!!

  5. would love to be there. well jealous. :0)

  6. Diane - I did!

    Tim - sorry, I missed your comment before I left. We'll be back next month.

    Rob-bear - Lulu had a great time at home being spoilt by Nick.

    Ken - I am!

    Walt - I did!

    Martine - aren't I lucky!

    Phil - I love to be there, too!