5 September 2010


In the square at Richelieu


  1. Jean, those four women intrigue me. I can think of several possible explanations--nuns? a badminton team? quadruplets?--but if you know the real explanation, please share it.

  2. I would love to return to Richelieu in 10 years time and view its changes - we have enjoyed it in the past.
    Leon and Sue

  3. Carolyn and Nadege, on the day we visited Richelieu (it was a very hot Sunday in July) there were little groups of nuns in various modes of dress being shown around. From where we were sitting, these looked as if they could be Chinese or Japanese.

  4. In the 1640s the town of Richelieu was originally placed in the hands of (Saint) Vincent de Paul by the cardinal duc himself. Since that time there has been a long connection with the Lazaristes and in their international work, particularly in Madagascar. There was a large Nunnery in the north end of the town - the second square of the town is still called la Place des Religieuses - the Nun's Square. There is an almost continuous small flow of visiting nuns from this world-wide diaspora.
    Come and visit the town again.
    Unfortunately you just just missed the biennial European Cadillac meet, that happened in the parc and was a feast in every sense. I wonder if St. Vince would have approved?

  5. Mr Proust - we were in Richelieu again on 4th September, the last day of our holiday. It was fabulous weather for motorcycling and we defiantly decided to sacrifice the packing and tidying up for another ride out on our motorcycles. We came across some of the visitors to the Cadillac meet in the café where we had lunch. What an interesting bunch they were. We were sad to have missed the main event- this is our problem, there is so much going on that we can't possibly do all of it in our all too short holidays. But at least we got a hint of the flavour of it and we had a great ride on our bikes. Good enough to keep us going on the memories for a while.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I love the greens in that first photo.