17 September 2010


That's what everybody seems to be doing at the moment. We had no success in growing them at home in the UK until we got our greenhouse two years ago. Now we get loads of them.

We usually buy a selection of tomato plants, including some "novelty" varieties. Last year Nicole gave us some "black tomato" plants. They turned out to be delicious cherry tomatoes and the skins were very dark burgundy flecked with green. We couldn't see anything exactly the same when we were buying plants this year but we spotted the variety on the left of the picture, thinking they would be similar, only bigger. They have turned out to be rather a disappointment. Most of the fruit were inedible, being rotted at the flower end and the good ones had a very insipid flavour.

The black pepper was another fun purchase. The skins are glossy black and inside we found .... a green pepper. Well fancy that !! And very tasty they are, too. We also have zillions of chillies coming on.

Growing vegetables is something we do for fun, not because we depend on them in order to eat. Which is lucky because we have mixed success but everything that turns out edible is absolutely gorgeous.

Smile please !!


  1. Pity about those black tomatoes, they certainly look interesting. Diane

  2. I remember my dad's joy on seeing his first home grown tomato cut up into our salad. A blessed memory and one I had forgotten until now - thanks Jean.

  3. Diane - we were really disappointed, they looked so...interesting !

    FF - my dad always grew his own tomatoes, in his own, hand-built, ramshackle greenhouse. He was always very proud of them. He grew marrows and "cumbers" too. Nowadays he takes great pride in looking after ours when we are away.
    As a kid I assumed all salads tasted this good. Once I left home, I realised how lucky I had been.

  4. Funny you should mention this. I harvested our tomatoes yesterday, just ahead of last night's "first frost." I'll be blogging about that later today.

    Hope you enjoy yours while you have them.

  5. I can remember that the first year I could grow outdoor tomatoes in England was 1976...before that it was greenhouse only.

    I tried the 'crimean' tomato...but was disappointed.

  6. Love the black pepper Jean, it looks like an interesting ingredient to add to a salad.

  7. Jean, the rotten end to the tomatoes is "blossom-end rot"... caused by irregular watering. The Tomatoes look like Black Krim/Russian Black and I can't comment on the flavour as I've only tried them once at the West Yorkshire Organic Show... and they were a bit insipid as far as I can remember against the other varieties there. BUT.... and as you can see it is a big but... many varieties that taste bland when raw, change totally once cooked.

    The 'black cherry' tomatoes that Nicole gave you are wonderful... we bought some dried ones at a plant day at Valmer.... they were even better!

  8. Beautiful. We still have a good number of tomatoes out on the plants. Time real soon to pick and make sauce for canning.