28 November 2010


The last rose of autumn.

In a couple of days' time we are transferring to a new internet provider using our new computer.

The existing computer chugs and whirrs, huffs and puffs, and frequently refuses to work, just freezing suddenly with no warning. This is annoying to say the least and no amount of dusting, nudging gently or tinkering-with seems to improve it. So it's days are numbered. In fact, only two to go.

The new one is bigger, faster, sexier and shinyer. Wish me luck !!


  1. Jean, does Christmas come earlier in your corner of Derbyshire?
    Bonne chance!

  2. Gaynor - no, not Christmas, just absolute frustration and the gradual realisation that it just won't do any longer !!

  3. Good luck with your new toy! I changed computers about a year ago, as my old desktop (from +/-2005) was huffing and puffing too :) Getting used to the new laptop and Windows7 took some time, but now I'm enjoying it immensely! Have fun ...

  4. Martine - I have windows7 on my six month old work laptop and Nick was slightly jealous so that more or less clinched it.

    In fact, we are swapping files around so he can have my new laptop and I can have his older one at work as it is more than good enough. Then our main home computer and the laptop will be on Windows7, which seems a sensible move.

    I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly - and keeping out of his way whilst it happens !!

  5. I hope your transformation goes well.
    Of course, you're missing the ultimate transformation — moving to a Mac!

  6. Good luck with the change. I would love to have an excuse to upgrade computers, but alas! I'm still stuck with the current beast.
    Do you still have roses blooming?

  7. Our laptop gave up the ghost so we bought a new desktop....since we're not on the move very much these days.

    Oh, the relief of something that works! I'd been so used to the frustrations of the laptop that I'd taken it for granted and to have something that did what I wanted without throwing a fit of temper and sulking was just sheer delight.

  8. We both have old computers that struggle along. I have just put the main computer and my laptop back to factory settings after having backed eveything up. It was a hassle but I have to say both are working sooooo much better. We may survive another year before having to spend a lot of money!!! Diane

  9. OH copious amounts of good luck to you in regards to the PC project. Fortunately my husband is a whizz on this subject, otherwise I think that me and the world of computers would be strangers to each other!

  10. Bear - a Mac, now there's an ambition.

    Dedene - I took that picture of the rose in our UK garden in the rain about 3 weeks ago. Sadly it is now gone and we are under 2" of snow.

    Fly - I can hardly wait - having my new work laptop made us realise how good computers are these days and that we don't have to put up with the old one's moods !!

    Diane - that sounds very complicated, I'm impressed that you know how to do it. I wouldn't have a clue.

    Vera - same here. If it wasn't for Nick I would have given up years ago. I still have the theory that they're like TV's - you should be able to switch them on and expect them to work without having to tinker with them all the time.

  11. Will it be a Mac... ??? I love my Mac. I wouldn't have Vista 7 .. no reason....just because...I'm a woman maybe!

    Often computers get overloaded with the stuff uploaded... When you have your new one then tinker with the old and see if you can breathe new life into it....

  12. Hi Jean
    I love my mac, but when things were really slow with it's predecessor I would have been happy with anything. You're gonna have such a good time over the coming weeks. Will it be going to France with you?

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  14. Good luck! I have a Windows laptop for work which I don't like very much and an ancient Mac for the real world. It is an early mac mini from 2005 which I'm very happy with. When it pegs out, I'll be getting another mac.
    Mad x