16 November 2010


Work is still progressing at home, along with other projects that are taking up my time. More about them later.

This chap overlooks the square at Ligeuil from the church roof. He looks as though he's just waiting for the right moment to jump.
I know just how he feels.


  1. In Paris, a person who jumps into the river is in-Seine.

    Hope your sanity holds up a bit longer, house repairs notwithstanding.

  2. Ahhhh but he looks like he has wings to help him on his way.... Diane

  3. I like your idea of getting a man in to clean the oven, I think my oven would like it too. All I ever seem to have the time (for time read inclination!) to do is to give the oven a 'lick and a promise'.

    Ou sont les pages jaunes?

    I'm intrigued about the 'other projects'........

  4. Or do! It just occurred to me what you might mean.

  5. Rob-bear - my sanity is getting tested to the limit.

    Diane - just give me the chance and I would be on the next plane - to anywhere !! (But preferably France !!)

    Gaynor - it's £40 very well spent. His knees creaked much better than mine as he scrubbed away. And for a hint of the projects, take a look here http://aboxofbeads.blogspot.com/

    Ken - it's just a case of "stop the world, I want to get off". Life is too too manic at the moment.
    (But wouldn't it be dreadful to be bored?)

  6. Now I see..... and wish that I was able to be there to indulge myself in your 'box of beads'.

    What a lovely idea to extend something which gives you so much pleasure. The photographs on your blog show some beautiful pieces which I would be thrilled to wear.

    I am sure the fair will be a success and hope to catch you at another fair during one of our stays in LP-P.

    I'm sure you will let us all know how the fair goes. Bonne chance!

    For some reason I am unable to leave a comment on the 'box of beads' blog. Do you think Santa might bring me a new computer? My hot line says no, but thinks he might be able to manage a re-build!!