1 December 2010


These photos were taken around the house at about 11am today. No caption is needed I'm sure !! The snow is over the top of my new wellington boots and is about 15-18" deep.

The last time we had this much snow was in 1990. That year the water was off for 3 days and the electricity for 5 days. My elderley neighbour had no power for nearly two weeks as her house is on a different circuit to ours. At least this year we have been spared that particular difficulty - so far anyway.

We are up and running with our new internet provider. The welcome pack and new router should have arrived yesterday but so far it hasn't appeared. It's no doubt in a van stuck in a good Derbyshire snow drift somewhere. But we have got the old router working again for now.

I don't know when we will be able to get out in the car again as more snow is forecast for tonight and tomorrow.



  1. What glorious photos, mind you I'm happy looking at them from summer Aussie.
    Just picture perfect.

  2. Leon - I envy you your sunshine even more than usual at the moment !!

  3. I recommend cake. It solves most problems.
    Possibly with some hot chocolate laced with brandy.
    Mad x

  4. Mad - the hot chocolate with brandy sounds a really good idea. I'll do it now !!

  5. Wow! You all got it a lot worse than we did. Of course, we are south of you... hehehe! Hang in there, as we say.

  6. Jean

    Nice pics for your Christmas cards :-)
    My yard would look the same as yours with the amount of rain we are getting in Montréal but it is 9C here.

  7. Something tells us Miss Lulu is having a fun time playing in the snow and then coming indoors and warming up.

  8. Walt - even for Derbyshire this is exceptionally bad.

    Beaver - welcome. Pretty indeed and there's more to come, apparently.

    Martina - you guessed right !! When she first started jumping about in it she looked down as if to see where her legs had disappeared to - it was up to her tummy.

  9. Okay, I'll stop complaining about the 2 centimetres of snow we got in Brussels! :) Although fresh snow is predicted overnight, I hope it won't come to THAT! How do you survive? And how do you manage to go to work?
    P.S. The views are beautiful, of course!!
    P.P.S. WV is 'sumbed'. Shouldn't that be 'sunbed' ... something nice and warm to wish for with these siberian temperatures?!

  10. Lovely photos showing more beautiful scenery than here!

  11. Fantastic shots Jean! We are west of you and where we live we've had about 15cm. Unfortunately there is less where I work so it has been school as normal! I've just arrived home to a cold and empty house so I'm going to copy the hot chocolate and brandy idea to cheer me up - the electric blanket is already on!
    I love snow but it does make travelling difficult. Tim is en route to the US for 10 days and I fear will have missed his connection in Los Angeles because of snow delays in Paris.
    I also remember the winter of 1990 and the power cuts. My son was just a few weeks old and we only had the woodburner for heating and cooking and no electricity. Still it was so cold that the freezer was fine!
    Hope the 'beading' is going well. Good luck with the craft sale.

  12. What gorgeous pictures Jean, absolutley stunning!
    I can't remember the last time I walked in snow but there is actually snow on Mount Baldi from our last storm. Nights are cold right now in Southern California but it gets to the 70's during the day.

  13. Brrrrrrrr but so beautiful. We have had some snow but nothing like that. There was a very cold biting wind today as well. Diane

  14. These pictures are delightful! Your place is beginning to resemble ours, here in the colony across the pond.

    In the hot chocolate, some Swiss chocolate almond liqueur. Good for what ails you (especially if you're feeling "snowed under").

    BTW, how is Lulu taking to the white stuff?

  15. Wow. Has it melted yet? We're hoping ours will start melting tomorrow.

  16. Martine - no, I didn't get into work at all this week, nor did any of my colleagues.

    Ken - I don't think this will be melting for a long time yet, it's so cold.