26 January 2011


Loraine 4

A new face has appeared on BBC TV with a cookery programme.

Lorraine Pascale is a trained pastry chef and is setting about telling us how easy baking is – well she would, wouldn’t she !! If you see anything done by an expert it always looks easy.

Anyway, I liked the look of some of her recipes so I lashed out on the book that goes with the programme and decided to have a go.


I have never made brownies before and thought Lorraine’s recipe looked unusual so this is what I made :


Cookies and cream fudge brownies

The recipe uses lots of eggs, sugar, surprisingly little flour, chocolate and something I had never come across before, Oreo biscuits.


As it happens, I picked up the ones with the chocolate cream filling rather than the white filling by mistake, not realising there were two types.



You have to break the biscuits into pieces, mix some into the batter then sprinkle the rest on top before putting it into the oven.


I was a bit concerned that the ones on top would bake dry and become too crunchy, but they didn’t.

brownies 1

Et voilà. My very first brownies, looking exactly like the ones on the telly and the picture in the book.

They were delicious and definitely very easy.

If you want to see the full recipe, click here.


  1. Mmmmmm can I come over and taste some :))) Diane

  2. They look great! I've been enjoying the series too, I like her presenting style.

  3. And I've just had lunch. I'd love to have some of your brownies for desert, but I can't quite reach that far. Sigh!

    Well cooked, Chef Jean!

  4. This looks more-ish. Will have a browse in the local supermarche to see if they stock these biscuits. If so, will do.

  5. Well done. Your brownies look excellent, so yummy. I love how it's got cookies mixed in with it, two treats in one, yea! I have a new linky on my blog every Saturday called "Sweets for a Saturday" and I'd like to invite you to stop by this weekend and link this up.

  6. Are the pegs your idea? Such a brilliantly simple solution to an annoying problem.

  7. You've talked me into it, I've got to try them.

  8. They look wonderful, I saw the programme and thought, yes, I would love to try those! They do look scrummy!

  9. The brownies look delicious Jean. I watched the programme too, but like you, wasn't sure the recipe would work out. I'll give it a go!