21 February 2011



When we were snowed in last December, we ran out of dog food. In fact we ran out of all sorts of things and were unable to get to the supermarket. The local village shop usually has a good supply of basic items but it soon ran out of everything as well due to the number of extra customers shopping there.

So we had to use our initiative when trying to feed ourselves and Lulu.



We had a few eggs and a box of cheese triangles in the fridge so for Lulu’s breakfast one day we made cheesy egg. This was simply just one egg, scrambled as it cooked in the pan, with a cheese triangle melted into it when it was almost cooked. We stirred it into her usual plain biscuit mixer.

We served it to Lulu several times (until we ran out of eggs) and she wolfed it down. Luckily, after a few days we were able to dig ourselves out of the house and get to the shops to stock up on proper dog food, but we carried on giving her cheesy egg for breakfast as a treat sometimes.

One day, I was cooking Lulu’s cheesy egg and it just occurred to me how tasty it looked. So I decided to have some myself.



In the fridge I had a packet of oatcakes. These are a speciality of Derbyshire and Staffordshire – I don’t know if they are popular in other parts of England too. I hadn’t seen them on sale for years until I spotted them in the reduced section of the bakery in Sainsbury’s. They are only 75p for a packet of six and these were reduced to 45p. A bargain.

They are something like an oaty pancake, similar to the galettes you get in Brittany. I have fond memories of Saturday breakfasts as a child, with fried eggs and bacon on oatcakes. With brown sauce on the side. Yummy.


I just heated the oatcake gently in a lightly oiled frying pan. Alternatively you can just grill them. I made the cheesy egg as usual and just piled it on top. If I had been in less of a hurry I could have added some grilled mushrooms, tomatoes or sausages. But just cheesy egg on oatcakes made a nice lunch.


My niece gave me this book for Christmas. I thought it was a joke but it’s actually quite serious. I’m checking it out for more tasty ideas !!


  1. In Australia we have a talk back host by the name of John Faine. He recently took a trip with his son Jack in a 4WD from Melbourne to Paris thru Asia and the Stan countries. He talked about the people, the cultures and the food.
    Somewhere between Timor and Laos he mentioned that he was offered roast dog (yes I know I really shouldn't have said that). He said to a listener, "have you ever eaten bark?" You know they eat most parts of dog in that part of Asia.
    My apologies if I've offended anyone but I like the humour.
    He can be heard on radio streaming 744 ABC. I should post that soon.

  2. Oh, and please don't tell Lulu that story.

  3. I have never seen a dog cookery book before what fun. I am sure Lulu loves her cheesy egg it sound good to me! Diane

  4. Those oat pancake thingies sound wonderful.

  5. Leon - the awful thing is, the dogs are often appallingly cruelly treated before they are killed for food. I try not to think about it but I certainly wouldn't eat dog myself.

    Diane - I will let you know if I cook anything from it !!

    FITW - they're delicious and very versatile - can be served with sweet or savoury fillings.

  6. Your oatcakes look really tasty. Have never seen them before; just know, and love, the scottish ones. Which my better half, being Scottish doesn't really like at all! :-)

    WV is "grain" ....how appropriate is that?!

  7. Hi Jean,
    I have the same doggy cookbook.
    Have you told LuLu that page 45 has a receipe called "LuLus Feast"!!. I think I once made the honey dog biscuits.

  8. Hi Mel - I saw Lulu's Feast and hid the book so she didn't spot it ... she can be very demanding !!

    Must check out those honey dog biscuits......they sound lovely.

  9. Antoinette - are Scottish oatcakes the small biscuity ones, delicious with a bit of cheese and pickle?

  10. That does look delicious. This morning the poodles and staff had pancakes. Staff always calls the first pancake the dog pancake. We wish she'd make cheesy eggs like Lulu had.

  11. Ha! What's good for the dog is good for me...I've not heard of that before:)

  12. Jean: yes those are the ones; yummy with cheese.

  13. I often give the dogs eggs
    so much so that George will go into the coops himself and steal the odd oeuff!

  14. We started cooking for our dog Collette when we moved to Saint-Aignan. We were doing so much cooking that we always had a lot of meat scraps and broth left over. I would cook those with inexpensive rice from the grocery store. In the pet food section, they even sell rice — broken grains — that you can cook for dogs. And when Collette got old and infirm, we put her on a diet of poached chicken and turkey breast for a while. It was all she would eat. She passed on in 2006.

    Hey, today is Callie's fourth birthday!

  15. Sadie hasn't seen this, and I'm going to make sure she doesn't. Like Lulu, she can be very demanding. But Standard Poodles are like that.

  16. that looks tasty!
    sleep well

  17. If I have a lot of left-over steamed vegetables, I'll mix them with a bit of meat and rice for our dog. She likes that a lot better than croquettes!

  18. Georgie - you just can't get the staff, eh !!

    Ken - I draw the line at Winalot.

    Antoinette - thought so. I feel a pilgrimage to Waitrose coming on...

    John - welcome !! I sometimes wish we kept chickens, but now I'm not so sure !!

    Ken - we make quite a lot of Lulu's food now. She loves it and it seems to help with her sensitive skin and allergies, poor thing. I hope Callie had a lovely day !!

    Rob - only standard poodle owners know just how demanding !!

    Bikim - welcome !! It's very tasty. You should try it, whether you have a dog or not.

    Meredith - welcome !! We have recently been buying fresh meat for Lulu and boiling it. She loves it and the gravy it produces on vegetables.

  19. Pre-coeliac days I used to love oat cakes and the very picture of one on your page made my mouth water! Thanks for the memory!!

  20. Elizabeth - that explains your remarks about flour on your blog post about coconut macaroons.

    I can't wait to have a go at making them - I now have a recipe and the necessary equipment !

  21. Just found your blog, going to take a while to read through it, but like what I've seen so far.
    Roz http://rozinbrittany.blogspot.com/

  22. Roz - thanks for stopping by and the comment.