8 February 2011



A flower head and insect in our French garden, last July.

Here we are in the middle of February and this is the time when I find myself positively yearning for spring.  Every day without snow is a bonus.  I can stand the winds, the rain, the frost and the endless grey, miserable days – anything is better than snow.

In actual fact today the weather was nice.  it was cold and frosty this  morning but as the day wore on it warmed up beautifully to about 9ºC and the sun came out.  I could almost have been fooled that spring is on its way.

Today I left work on the dot of 5.30pm and drove home as the sun set gloriously.  The sky was a mix of pale duck egg blue marbled with vivid coral pink and I arrived home just before it became completely dark.  For the first time in nearly four months.

Four months.  That’s a third of the year.  An awfully long time to spend driving home from work in the misery of darkness.

But this is the time when I know from experience it would be foolish to get too excited.  The winter may come back to bite us yet.


Daisies from our garden and cherries from Nicole’s tree.

We had a great time when we were chez nous last July.

I can say that now because my memory has done it’s usual thing of focussing my mind on the good bits.  Last July I spent a good half of the week poorly with a bad cold.  Until I thought about it, I had forgotten about that.

Nevertheless, looking back at the photos of flowers, sunshine and the things we did, it was definitely good, a lot better than February in the UK.



More flowers in our little French garden.

Looking back is good.  I can see all the things we enjoyed so much last summer and that we can look forward to again this year.


  1. What glorious pictures, and memories. Good start on the year (even in February.)

    I understand the "four months" bit. That's why Bear, and now Dedene of Bienvenue Chez Moi are hibernating. Time passes quickly when you're sleeping. I sleep lots, too, but am ever-vigilant, like Lulu!

  2. The weather report said Tuesday was going to be the best day of the week. I have to agree after the frosty start the day was a pretty good one. I must admit I hate wind, it makes my eyes water and go red and I look like I have been on the bottle LOL. I would not mind if in fact I had been. Diane

  3. It's funny how we forget about the "bad" bits isn't it?
    I tend to agree with you... I think that there is a bit of winter still to come. But it's been nice being snow free since December.

  4. It's nice to be able to dream about what was and what is about to come. It feels really 'springy' here too, but as you said ... winter is only over in April! Less than 8 weeks to go! Martine

  5. I'm with you there, Jean. Very nice photos.