14 February 2011


What can we do on these long, dismal, late winter evenings to cheer ourselves up?

We can open a nice bottle of our favourite Loire Valley wines and play one of our favourite DVD’s.

There are two films guaranteed to make us laugh and forget that it’s cold, grey and wet outside.

One of them is “Wild Hogs”

As it happens, my Harley is the same model as the one ridden by the little guy, Dudley.  But I would like to think I am better at looking where I’m going.


  1. Wonderful clip...makes me think of our friends in their late seventies...still Harleying...

  2. When we lived in California, our neighbours had his and hers Harleys. I'm not rally into motor biking but they were impressive as they throttled loudly down the road in their full leathers! They gave me a few free rides around the immediate area which I enjoyed.

  3. FITW - still riding in their seventies ?! That gives me hope - I was wondering if it was still appropriate for a woman pushing sixty to ride her Harley !!

    Craig - one of the great things about a Harley is the noise they make !!

    Antoinette - a good laugh is always a good thing !!

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I love Wild Hogs too - John Travolta still rocks my boat! Off to have a good look around your blog. Hubby and I would love to move to France but I don't think it will ever happen. xxxx

  5. Hey but doesn't Steve Winwwod sound great as a 16 year old in Spencer Davis Group - great soundtrack.
    BTW - In Australia we have Old Farts riding mototcycles that call themselves "Ulysses" (membership in the 1000s nationally) with the moto, "Grow Old Disgracefully".
    I'm sure that you are one of those Jean.

  6. Leon - in the days before it was illegal to have a custom-made number plate (they all have to be a boring regulation size and layout these days otherwise they are police magnets), Harleys would often have slogans added such as
    "spending the kids inheritance"
    "growing old disgracefully"
    "I ride like a girl because I'm a girl"
    This is because sadly, very few people under forty can afford one these days.

  7. That was so funny! We saw the film on the ferry to France a few years ago and we loved it.
    How often do you ride it Jean?

  8. Ken - I confess to being a fair weather rider these days. There's nothing so disheartening as setting out from home in the pouring rain or freezing cold when all you want to do is enjoy yourself. If the weather is bad the bike stays tucked up nice and warm indoors, just like me.

    When the weather is half decent, we ride most weekends, if we can. Sometimes just a trip around the county, sometimes just as far as the nearest Harley shop. We love it.