18 March 2011


I was reminded recently of something that happened a while ago and as remembering it amused me no end, I thought I would share it with you.


We were on holiday in the Loire, on our Harleys, with two friends from Sherwood Chapter.

One day we were out and about and visited the beautiful Abbey at Fontevraud. We decided to go into the village to find some lunch and as it was the middle of August all the restaurants were very busy.

We found a place that had room for us and managed to squeeze all four of us round a ridiculously small table, with our jackets, helmets and other clobber . We were busy perusing the menu and I happened to look up just as a very smartly dressed elderly lady approached the counter to settle her bill.


She plonked her handbag firmly on top of the computer keyboard next to the till so she could rummage inside it to find her wallet.


The computer crashed.

The old dear had no idea what she had done and proceeded to hassle the horrified waitress to take her cash. This the young lady could not do.

No orders could be taken, no bills could be paid, food went cold in the kitchen because nobody knew who had ordered it and, as the restaurant staff flapped about, desperately trying to fix the computer, four English bikers sitting in the corner under the stairs were having the biggest laugh they had had so far that year.

(All photos from the web, courtesy of Google.)


  1. Long live the HANDBAG! Great story :-)

  2. Hahah oh dear! It would be great if they didn't charge you because the computer was down..

  3. Oh my goodness - five blogs now! How do you manage them, Jean. Loved this story - how reliant everything is on computers now, I can't begin to imagine my life without one - it is too terrible to even write let alone think about.


  4. Although I don't know what we did without them, it's frightening to see how dependent we've become of computers. Funny story, though! I think we would have done the same as you ... laugh until your jaws hurt ...

  5. that's priceless! I can just see her getting irritated and having no idea her action caused the fuss.