27 March 2011


I am always relieved when we put the clocks forward.  More daylight after work to take the dog for a walk or do a bit of gardening.

rhubarb 1

The signs of spring are all around us in Derbyshire and last week we had virtually a whole week of warm sunshine. 

rhubarb 2rhubarb 3

But it was still not enough to bring the daffodils out.  The ones along the lane by the farm are almost there but not quite.  Those in our garden are even further behind.

rhubarb 5

We do however, have Herculean rhubarb.  We inspected the garden for signs of the plants a few weeks ago and found nothing.  Another casualty of the two feet of snow we had last December, we thought. 

rhubarb 9

Then Nick spotted the first few shoots of the two plants and put a plant pot over each one with a brick on top.  One day this week I noticed that one of the pots had flipped off.  I assumed Nick had done it.

The next day, the other pot had flipped off.  As Nick was away from home it can’t have been him so the rhubarb must have done it by itself.

Strong stuff, our rhubarb !!  I’m looking forward to a good crop this year.  Lots of crumbles, some for the freezer and also some cherry and rhubarb jam, perhaps.  Yes, spring is definitely sprung at last.  Enjoy !!


  1. The daffodils are out in the south of France but I haven't seen rhubarb like that!

  2. Bionic rhubarb I think Jean! Love the music too. I have the CD of "The Singing Detective" TV show from years ago which is full of similar music and I love the CD.

  3. Qean, book yourselves a short break in the Wakefield area and visit the rhubarb forcing sheds... you can hear the creak of the growing plants!
    The Rhubarb Festival takes place towards the end of February [hence short break]
    A link to the festival is here http://www.wakefield.gov.uk/CultureAndLeisure/RhubarbFestival/default.htm

  4. Some hopeful signs of spring, Jean.

  5. Impressed with your mighty rubarb! It should make superb crumble--one of my favourite desserts :-)

    BTW the pic of the lane & ford is beautiful

  6. End of March and we turn our clocks back - then night comes earlier.....

  7. Our rhubarb is up as well. A bit farther along than yours, but that's to be expected given how far north you are. Crumbles! Pies! Compotes! Let the fun begin.

  8. No rhubarb here sadly, but the sun last week brought all our daffodils out, even up in the hills of Wales.

  9. We struggle with rhubarb here, but the daffs are glorious.

  10. I am keeping a low profile far more to do here than expected. Rain all day yesterday while driving down but beautiful today Monday. Good luck for April Fools Day :-) Diane

  11. Are you sure it wasn't Lulu that flipped over the flower pots !? :)

  12. We have trouble with rhubarb here in SW France - I think the summers are too hot, and of the four which we brought with us from the UK, only one has survived. So have put it in the woods in an effort to save it. Hope we do. Love rhubarb crumble. Reminds me of my childhood. Daffs? Awake and thriving!

  13. Meredith and Craig - we grow good rhubarb in this part of the world!

    Tim - I've seen it on the TV. We also enountered a gaggle of Wakefield rhubarb growers in northern France one year, on a post-rhubarb harvest jolly. They were a good crowd - it was funny to hear so many no-nonsense Yorkshire accents all at once in a French hotel.

    Bear - at last !!

    Antoinette - thank you, it's Lulu's favourite walk closed to home.

    Leon - yes, but you've just enjoyed a beautiful summer.

    Walt - I love rhubarb too.

    Perpetua and Ken - I'm jealous of all those daffs.

    Ettel - it's a lovely time of year to be here.

    Diane - glad you arrived safely, now you just have to settle back in !!

    Martine - I think the rhubarb was stronger than Lulu !!

    Vera - at least our climate is good for rhubarb if not for suntans !!