29 April 2011


We are unlikely to be able to watch the royal wedding on the TV, mainly because we haven't got one.
So we'll have to make do with this preview instead.
I hope the real event will be just as much fun and we will toasting the happy couple later with our best bottle of Loire fizz.

Thanks to Craig, who published the clip a while ago and from whom I pinched it !!


  1. Aaaaw, that is sooooo funny.
    I had to send your blog link to all of my friends - I have two.

  2. Eeeh Tha were reet funny ,

    We've just watched the wedding... She scrubbed up well for a Yorkshire Lass , and her Dad's whippet were as quiet as owt tied up outside the church . Back t' Palace now for mucky fat breadcakes and black puddin'
    It's a grand life !

    John and Kathleen

  3. Although a lot of what is on the telly is rubbish, I think you would have enjoyed today's wedding... absolutely fab, and the dress!.... she looked beautiful, both of them were so happy.


  4. ON this side of the pond, the Marriage happened at 4:00 a.m. Though I'm a a bit of a monarchist, romantic, and trouper, I didn't rise for the occasion. No worries. It's happening all over again in about a half hour's time.

  5. Sorry you missed the real thing! It was fabulous and Kate looked super! Hope you can get the DVD? :))

  6. Just laughed out loud! What a spirit raiser. Fab!