22 April 2011


I like country music and am quite a fan of the dishy Tim McGraw.
I keep hearing this song on the radio and I have decided to post it for no other reason than that I really like it. Ms Paltrow has a surprisingly good voice in a country genre, I think.
It's from a film called "Country Strong" which I haven't seen advertised in the UK yet.
But then I wouldn't as I never go to the cinema !! I would make the effort to go if I saw it was being shown locally.

Happy Easter !!


  1. I agree Jean! I was going to post it too as I think it's a really nice song. Couldn't agree more about Tim McGraw and Gwyneth Paltrow's voice is a revelation! The film came out here about 3 weeks ago and seemed to sink without a trace.

  2. I agree too Jean.

    I haven't seen it in the cinemas yet either, but I remember some promotional work for it a few months ago.

    Look out for the video,you'll be able to replay Tim McGraw whenever you like!! Isn't he married to Faith Hill?

  3. Can't play this here in France - connection too slow :-( We went to the cinema in Chasseneuil the other night, think it is the the first film we have seen since ET LOL. Diane

  4. Happy Easter!
    Are you back in France?