19 April 2011


That’s how long it is since I was last in Le Grand-Pressigny.  It’s the longest time I have ever spent away from the place and It seems like an age – almost like forever. 


I am looking forward to seeing the château and that fabulous Loire blue sky again.


Also to getting lovely bread, croissants and pastries from the boulangerie in the village. 


To eating on our little terrace overlooking the village, listening to the church bells, the birds and the chatter of village life.  To hopefully sitting out until the birds go to bed and the bats come out to entertain us.


To having more time to play with Lulu and take her for long and leisurely walks, not just of the usual quick dash to the fields and back that she often gets at at home.

July 2010 183

To apéros in the village square and meeting up with friends.  To watching the world go by from our usual place at the PreHisto. 

We’re hoping that the good weather continues – but it hardly matters – just being there will be great.


  1. Looks like the weather is here to stay for a bit though we really do need rain!! See you soon. Safe trip. Diane x

  2. Oh, that last picture ..... I just can't wait either, not long now though!

  3. Have a good trip Jean. Enjoy your slice of paradise. The last photo of the village square is simply France to a "T".

  4. See you soon! Have a safe trip down.
    March had only 9mm of rain... should be nearer 50mm.

  5. Diane - not long now.

    Gail - I just can't wait !!

    Craig - you're so right, paradise indeed, for us anyway.

    Tim - we hope to catch up with you soon - we will call in or phone you.

  6. Welcome back to the French way of life once you do arrive. Summer in Spring time has been truly spectacular. Easter is at the end of this week and then in May several "pont" weekends help us all to look forward to feelings of leisure,laziness and loveliness but which of course do not help renovations to progress!
    I have enjoyed some interesting french experiences today .. and only in France could these things happen! JOY!

  7. Have a safe journey over Jean, and as usual, enjoy your time here.

    The weather forecast looks good ........

    By the time you get here we'll be packed up and ready to go home. Roll on Spring break!

  8. Looking forward to seeing you both. Safe trip!

  9. It's been so nice out, I hope you get here soon to enjoy!

  10. Sixteen weeks is an awful long time, but at least you will be on your way soon. Have fun! Martine

  11. I know EXACTLY how you feel, Jean.
    I'm sure you will have a great time.