6 June 2011


textures 1

The early morning sky at Eurotunnel as we left for France.

Well it hardly seems five minutes since I was uploading (or is it downloading – I’m never sure) my photos from our Easter break and here I am doing it again, after another super week in Le Grand-Pressigny.

textures 2

The inside of the roof above us as we ate a very nice lunch in Pouzay.

Here I am with lots to tell about our last week, yet I never finished what I started telling you about Easter.  Perhaps that’s too old news now.  Or perhaps I’ll tell you anyway, in due course.

textures 3

The wall behind our excellent lunch.

We did all the usual stuff and had a very exciting time, getting to grips with some French bureaucracy, all by ourselves.  Needless to say, we almost failed, only time will tell.

textures 5

The steps down to the four banal, in Rue du Four Banal.

We also had amazing weather, finished off by an amazing thunderstorm.  It was shocking to see everywhere so parched and the crops in such a poor state.  I was actually pleased for everyone else to see some rain at last.

textures 4

The  steps inside the four banal.

But it was great weather for our holiday, which I will tell you all about soon, I promise.  Hopefully in some kind of sensible order.


Has anyone else had trouble leaving comments lately?

I have spent what seems like hours today, trying endlessly to leave comments on my favourite blogs, sometimes succeeding but mostly just being asked to sign in (although I was already signed in) over and over and the comment not being accepted.

Very frustrating.

I solved the problem by un-ticking the “stay signed in” box on my Google account.  Goodness only knows why.  Once I had done that, the comments worked.  (Thanks to the person who left this tip somewhere, sorry but I can’t remember where!)


  1. Sitting here waiting for visitors to arrive when I saw your post. I just remembered I forgot to bring back the crash helmets..... I have a rubbish memory. We still have had no rain since March. We watch it going all around but nothing here at all, it is really very serious. Not sure I would like to take on those steps they look very narrow and steep! Diane xx

  2. That first photo brought back memories of our move out here, of waiting to board the train with two removal vans in tow as well. That was three years ago this week! But those steep stone steps! Phew!

  3. Diane - the steps are very steep but there are not very many of them. And you can get in at the bottom door so you don't have to do them at all. Lulu and I use them as a short cut on one of our daily walks !!

    Vera - congratulations on three years.

  4. Commenting has been a bit tricky lately and un-ticking the 'stay signed in' box seems to be the only solution. Let us hope blogger comes up with a permanent solution soon! :)
    P.S. I saw the four banal when we visited LGP in 2009, but I don't remember seeing those steps. Are they at the back of the building?

  5. Glad to see you blogging again. Sorry you had challenges with the French authorities.

    A lovely story, in pictures and words, as always.

  6. Glad to see you back Jean. Your visit sounds excellent and I look forward to hearing more about it. I'm one of the lucky ones and have not experienced problems leaving comments although others have reported the same issue you mention.

  7. Hi Jean
    You've been out there AGAIN? I'm so envious!

    I love those stone steps. What is the ring on the wall used for, I wonder?

  8. Martine - vistors would normally enter by the door at the bottom of the longer set of stairs. If you go up the stairs you come out beneath the ramparts of the château.

    Rob-bear - it's a story of optimism versus the reality of French paperwork !!

    Craig - I will try to keep up with the posting this time.

    Ken - sorry, but yes we have. And we've got another two fortnights yet this summer - then there's the autumn break.
    I think the ring was to tether awkward diners who wouldn't eat their bulots (whelks) !!

  9. In case anybody is interested, I came across more photos of the rose festival at Chedigny in this current travel blog. You have to page down to the June 5 entry. Almost as good as your photos, Jean.