16 June 2011


Loches is fast becoming my second favourite town in the Loire, the first being Chinon. 

It’s only a 30 minute drive from us in Le Grand-Pressigny so we can go there often without too much effort.  It has beautiful buildings, a great market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and some lovely shops and restaurants.

loches 10

When our visitors were with us on the Monday of our holiday, we decided to take them to Loches to show off how lucky we were to live in such a beautiful area of France.

Typically, it being Monday, many of the shops and restaurants were closed.  I dare say that later in the tourist season, most of them would have been open – though not necessarily !!

loches 4

Still, even with many businesses closed, it is a lovely place to do the touristy thing – maybe even better for not being so busy.

loches 5  

Three of our favourite restaurants were closed.  So we looked around for somewhere new and found a little creperie in a side street called “La Crépicoise”

loches 1 

We all had delicious galettes and then had a brief walk around the town.

loches 3 loches 8 loches 6 loches 7loches 11

This is the town hall – Hôtel de ville – it features in my next post !!


  1. Hope to visit Loches again in May 2012 especially after these pics, and will stay a few days again in Chinon.

  2. It looks really lovely there and galettes sound like a good lunch to me. Diane x

  3. Agree it is a lovely place. Had a quick potter round the market there yesterday [Wed]:- there was a gap in my teaching schedule.

  4. Not been to Loches Jean but it looks wonderful in your photos. We'll add it to our list for whenever we return to France for a visit. I'll put Chinon on the list too.

  5. So envious...a town like that
    in the US would be on a list
    of registered historic places.
    What a delight it must be to go
    do your marketing.

  6. It is a nice town to spend time in. We should do it more often. I'm too much of a homebody... :)

  7. After we bought our house near Saint-Aignan — it all happened in the space of four days in December — I wondered whether we shouldn't have looked in the Chinon area. It's so beautiful over there — very southern, as in South of France, le Midi. Loches is really nice too, along with Amboise (more touristy), and both are less than a 30-minute drive from us. We have friends from California coming next week and I was just telling Walt we should take them to Loches one day.

  8. Leon - you have excellent taste!

    Diane - we always enjoy galettes, they're very satisfying and tasty, a perfect choice for lunch.

    Antoinette - lucky you, being able to potter round Loches in your break !!

    Craig - you wouldn't be disappointed.

    Sheila - it certainly is a beautiful town.

    Walt - it is worth the effort, once in a while.

    Ken - We love Chinon but now that we are settled in Le Grand-Pressigny, I think we would have found it too smart and touristy to enjoy living there, even if we could have found somewhere we could afford to buy. I would recommend Loches on market days, on Wednesday or Saturday but remember they finish at noon. There are plenty of good places to have lunch, too.

  9. Such nice photos of Loches. It has everything a visitor is looking for in a French town (at least for us).

    We love the pizza at the troglo pizza place on the south side of town, Pizza Mauvieres.

    Simon told us about a very nice seedy bread twist from one of the boulangeries.

  10. Jean - will you join us in Loches in May next year or maybe a glass of Rose in Chinon?

  11. I'm so looking forward to the day when all the work is done on the property and we can follow your lead.

  12. Carolyn - we love Loches, it's sort of grand and crumbly at the same time.

    Leon - what a nice idea, let's see if we can co-ordinate.

    Ken - this is why we bought somewhere that is scruffy but liveable-in - it will never be big or posh and there will always be things we can do to tidy it up or finish it off - if we can be bothered !!