7 June 2011


security 1

On our way to our little house in Le Grand-Pressigny on the Saturday morning we encountered hundreds of police and army personnel on the motorways.

security 2

As we travelled south, there must have been at least 50 vans full of police, dozens of police motorcyclists and scores of army vans travelling in both directions.

What was that all about?

We were particularly interested in the riding skills and the antics of the police motorcyclists.  Not to put too fine a point on it – they were rubbish. 

We have, over the years, spent many, many hours riding in groups with HOG (Harley Owners Group) and we were much, much better at it.  We rode in tight formation with anything from 20 to 200 motorcycles for long distances and little or no aggravation caused to fellow motorists.  All it takes is practice and the desire to ride safely, get it right and enhance the reputation of the club. 

This lot were a complete shambles.  They exceeded the speed limit by a huge margin, were all over the place between other vehicles and at one point caused chaos and confusion with the potential for a massive crash by diving suddenly into a lay-by to allow those lagging behind to catch up.  Half a dozen of them very nearly had their own personal pile-up as they braked furiously trying to avoid each other and not over-shoot the lay-by.

We were not impressed, nor were the car drivers that found themselves doing emergency stops to avoid police motorcyclists that were all around them then suddenly lurching to the side of the road.  It was absolutely ridiculous and very dangerous.

Apparently it was all because President Obama was in town somewhere.  I hope it was worth it !!


  1. Usually when there are that many cops, there is someone political in the neighborhood.

  2. What a bunch of idiots! I remember when we imported our cars from the US we drove on California plates (legally) for a few weeks while we registered them. One day near La Rochelle about 4 bikes and 2 vans surrounded us and almost caused an accident in aggressively trying to get us to exit at the next "aire". They wanted to make sure we weren't "smuggling anything" they said! I told them that if I was I wouldn't be drawing attention to myself by driving a car with California plates on it!