5 July 2011


After all the frantic activity of the previous days what I needed was some mindless relaxation – something that passes the time, occupies the body and requires not too much brain activity.

So on the Thursday of our holiday, which happened to be a bank holiday for Ascension Day, Nick went fishing (again) in the morning whilst I did some baking.

holiday coooking 2

I made some cranberry blondies – a kind of brownie but with white chocolate and dried cranberries.  Even though I say it myself, they were just what the doctor ordered – sweet and indulgent.  You can read more about them here.

In the afternoon we went to the brocante at Ferrière-Larçon.

ferriere larcon5

It was a beautiful day, very warm with bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.  The brocante was a huge one, with all the usual stuff – old garden tools, broken toys, worn out shoes and ancient kitchen gadgets.  Also lots of stalls selling food that you could either eat now or take home for your larder

ferriere larcon1

These ladies had swooped early and grabbed a bargain!

ferriere larcon2jpgferriere larcon3jpgferriere larcon4

The only thing I bought was a very old Bon Maman jar – just like today’s version but with no lid – very useful for 40cents.

I bumped into Tim and Pauline, who had found a lovely old umbrella stand to buy.  It’s funny how other people always find really good stuff at a brocante or vide-grenier whilst all I ever find is a sea of rubbish.  I have come to the conclusion that you need a particular kind of x-ray vision to see through the junk to the real bargains.

They invited us round for a cuppa so we called in later and enjoyed some home-made cherry muffins with our cup of tea.


Their cats were not quite so pleased to see us as they had to shuffle up on the sofa to make room for us!

All in all, the whole day was just the job, a leisurely antidote to two days of hurtling from one public office to another, grappling with the French language and trying to beat the clock.

On Thursday evening we sat for a while on our little terrace, watching the swallows swirl around us and listening to the church bells and the chatter of village life.  As the sun went down and the bats came out to play, the laughter drifting up from the village square dwindled, the slight breeze that had been with us all day died down and we were left with complete calm and quiet.  A perfect end to a perfectly relaxing day.


There’s still time to treat yourself to a bargain break.

a great place to stay

Alex and Nicole have asked me to mention that they still have some availability in their lovely gites at Les Limornières for July.  They are offering a reduced rate for anyone who would like a last-minute booking.  So if you were thinking about spending some time in this beautiful area of France but weren’t sure – now’s your chance to treat yourself to a short break at bargain rates.

For further details, click here for a 4-person gite with €100 off or here for a 5-person gite with €150 euros off.


  1. Good news. Proof that you survived the bureaucracy français.
    The cranberry blondes look delicious!

  2. We bought one of the ice creams. They were delicious! I bought some Perrier glasses, the same sort that I could but at a supermarket, but for less than half the price.

  3. Those cranberry blondes look delicious.
    I'm with you on brocantes... I could never find anything worth while and if I did it was horribly over priced! I envy others who can week out the bargains.

  4. I am also the same at the brocantes, I can't see anything worth having. My French neighbour last year after walking around commented he would send everything there to la déchetterie!!! Proves it is not only us :-) Diane

  5. Looks like a nice day overall. I never find anything at brocantes either.
    The blondies look yummy!

  6. The blondies were really moreish... we'll have to confiscate the next lot you make... for the sake of your health, you understand... only for that! No other reason, honest. Really! Hic!

  7. You certainly deserved a day of relaxation and pleasure, after all that running around. Now it's time for more traveling, right? Congrats on getting the paperwork done for the vehicle registration. Hope you get it in the mail while you're back in LGP.

  8. What a perfect day - looking forward to our next French experience in 10 months.
    BTW - Sue is in a baking mode at the moment as well.

  9. Rob-bear - they were delicious, but not too good for the waistline.

    Gaynor - we were tempted by the ice-cream but were lured to the hot dogs instead.

    Craig - I have a friend who can spot lovely and useful stuff from twenty feet away. I just see over them to the junk.

    Diane - I wonder if a lot of it ends up at the dechetterie or if people put it back in the loft until next year ?!

    Dedene - yummy is the word!

    Tim - just think of all the extra calories !!

    Ken - a little bird tells us that something is waiting to be collected from the post office!

    Leon - I like Sue's baking modes too - when you write about them it makes me want to go and put my pinny on!